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Anomaly Detection and Analytics

Daily insights into visitor behavior automatically identified for you

Saves time and effort every day with SessionCam’s Anomaly Detection and Analytics. Focus on fixing rather than finding the most important website issues to investigate and solve.

Your eagle-eyed conversion optimization assistant

SessionCam’s anomaly detection feature identifies the most important issues for you automatically by generating a daily list of conversion opportunities.

The opportunities identified are prioritized by the total lost revenue associated with each issue. This means you can immediately focus on the most costly and important issues.

Every day, SessionCam hunts through your conversion funnelscustomer journeyserrors and customer struggle to analyse website activity and identify the most significant issues.

For a typical, enterprise website, SessionCam will complete over 10,000 checks. Every day.

Anomaly Detection does the work of 48 full time analysts

  • 10,570 daily checks

  • 2 minutes per human

  • Equivalent to 48 analysts

Every conversion opportunity identified is listed with detailed information on the underlying behavior responsible for the issue.

Reviewing SessionCam’s automatically identified opportunities saves you time and effort and means you can immediately focus on fixing rather than finding the most important issues.



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