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4 Reasons Session Replay is Essential to Improved Customer Experience

4 Reasons Session Replay Is Essential To Improved Customer Experience

4 Reasons Session Replay is Essential to Improved Customer Experience

Session replay is a powerful resource more and more businesses are leveraging for improved customer experience. And because of that, they’re getting more leads and making more money.

Why? Because improved customer experience = more conversions = more revenue.

And the beauty of session replay is that it’s completely behind-the-scenes for site visitors. There’s no formal testing environment required–you simply place a single javascript tag onto your website, and you can record every user action and better understand how your site visitors are navigating and interacting with your website.

So the next time you want to make the case for session replay tools, think of the four reasons in this post that indicate why it’s a critical component of improved customer experience.

1. To Identify Usability Issues

In order for your website and your sales funnel to be effective, all of the different parts need to work–and work well. That means proactively identifying all usability issues that can become leaks in your conversion funnel. From broken site links to confusing processes on your website, these errors can be spotted with the help of session replay.Capture

We know this is an important aspect of customer experience, because frustrated site visitors that get caught up on a broken button or link will quickly leave the page–and likely won’t return. In fact, some data indicates that as many as 74% of visitors will leave (and won’t return) after discovering a broken site feature.

By reviewing user sessions, you can pinpoint the areas, forms, processes, and other usability hang-ups that are keeping customers from converting. With the help of session replay, it’s simply a matter of finding the common friction points that indicate a change is necessary.

2. To Improve conversion rates

If your conversion rate is lower than you’d like it to be, session replay can help you study how customers are navigating through your site content on desktop and mobile versions. From here, you can better understand where to place important conversion tools, like Call to Action (CTA) buttons, forms, and more.

For example: Say you look at session replay for mobile users on one of your landing pages and discover that the majority of visitors aren’t scrolling down to the point where your CTA button is positioned. This indicates a need to re-position your CTA button to a spot above the fold so that you can increase the opportunities for conversion. Without a session replay tool, this opportunity for improvement could’ve been completely overlooked.

When you consider the impact on ROI even a small increase in conversion rate can produce, it becomes clear how and why session replay is so important.

3. To Improve customer support

Session replay can also help indicate areas in which you need additional customer support to make your site more user-friendly.

For example: If session replay data indicates a that customers often navigate to a contact page after visiting your checkout page, this points to a need for on-page support features (like live chat.) By improving customer support resources on the page, you can keep more customers on the checkout screen and immediately answer their questions so they can follow through and convert. That means a lower cart abandonment rate and more completed conversions.

Customer support is a huge facet of the overall customer experience, and session replay helps make improvements in this department far less complicated.

4. To Reduce the time/cost of problem diagnosis

In the past, improvements to customer experience could be a time-consuming process that meant spending hours reviewing user sessions, heat maps, and customer surveys to spot problem areas (which also meant tying up employee time, too.)

But no more. Thanks to machine-learning, tools like the CS Score spot and prioritize customer experience issues by constantly reviewing sessions for you–freeing up hours of time your team can instead devote to fixing website problems, optimizing new features, and keeping your site visitors happy and returning.

CS Score works by automatically reviewing sessions for potential conversion issues–and it has an algorithm that learns over time, so insights consistently improve and become more aligned with your objectives and goals.

Session Replay & Improved Customer Experience

The four areas we’ve covered are just the beginning of all session replay can help with when it comes to improved customer experience.

From spotting usability issues, to boosting conversion rates, to better customer support and lower costs related to problem diagnosis, this tool goes hand in hand with improved business success.

Your online customers want the best possible experience–and thanks to this tool–you can give them that.

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