Benefits of Session Replay | SessionCam

By really understanding your customers and improving their online experience, you’ll not only build great customer relationships, you’ll significantly increase your revenue.

Increase Conversion Rates

Identify and address usability issues that are stopping your customers from converting

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Reduce website abandonment icon

Reduce website abandonment

Analyse conversion funnels and online forms to identify areas where customers are dropping off.

Improve user experience

Create a great online experience for your customers to make it easy for them to convert and keep them coming back

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Remarketing icon

Remarket to lost customers

Set up alerts when a customer drops out of the checkout process so that you can re-engage with them

Resolve issue disputes

Play back specific web sessions where an issue has been raised to see what really happened

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Reduce inbound costs icon

Reduce inbound costs

Continuous improvement of the online experience means less strain on your customer support function

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