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How Adnams reduced basket abandonment on mobile and tablet devices using the Customer Struggle score

Liz Cobbold

Liz Cobbold

Director of Digital & Customer Experience at Adnams

Liz discusses her experience with working with SessionCam, and how the Customer Struggle score helped to improve the user experience on the Adnams website.

Comparing desktop and mobile conversion rates

Adnams’ website underwent a full redesign in response to traffic growth coming from mobile and tablet devices. The company turned to SessionCam to keep the website optimized and prioritize areas for improvement.

“Our Google Analytics data had shown us that traffic on tablet and mobile devices was growing faster than desktop. We knew the redesign was only the beginning but needed direction on how to keep the website optimized,” says Liz Cobbold, Director of Digital and Customer Experience at Adnams.

A simple free trial process

The benefits of a SessionCam’s free trial were apparent immediately to Adnams, highlighting issues with ineffective homepage banners and revealing the pages customers were struggling with.

“We get the concrete insights needed to develop the website, rather than deciding based on our own ideas of what we thought were priority areas. Being a small team this was really valuable to us.”

By watching session replays with a high Customer Struggle score, Adnams identified potential customers were abandoning their baskets when they saw the cost of delivery.

“Making changes to the available delivery options improved the conversion rate on our basket abandonment conversion funnel by 10%,” says Liz. “We beat our revenue target that month, which is fantastic.”

While pub trade remains the heart of the business, Adnams also make hand-crafted spirits, run an online store and have three beautiful coastal hotels.

The Customer Struggle score also found an error with hotel bookings. Incorrectly labeled images of Adnams’ hotel rooms meant users couldn’t see the room they were getting.

“We would have never spotted this without SessionCam. It had an unexpected secondary benefit of call deflection – making our website more self-service,” Liz explains.

“I would recommend SessionCam to anyone. It’s helped us to prioritize the website issues we find and develop our business cases around them.”

“SessionCam gave us such a brilliant first impression and results that we didn’t feel the needed to look elsewhere.”

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