Ageas Retail Partnerships and SessionCam

John Crichton

John Crichton

Head of Ecommerce at Ageas Retail Partnerships

Ageas and its retail partners have enjoyed a huge 2,700% return on their investment in SessionCam over a three-month period.

"We can go straight to the Customer Struggle Score and see exactly where the blocks in the funnel are and why.”

About Our Client

Ageas Retail Limited is dedicated to building sustainable partnerships with some of the UK’s strongest brands, including Age UK, John Lewis and Tesco Bank.

Serving around 2.5 million customers in the UK, the company distributes insurance through a range of channels including brokers, independent financial advisors, affinity partners and online.

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The business challenge

Insurance is a hugely competitive market. Price differentials can be tiny, and it’s easy for customers to compare prices online, to buy or to switch. Meanwhile, insurers are managing vast volumes of data while under pressure to convert clicks to policies as efficiently as possible.

Why SessionCam?

John installed SessionCam in 2012. He looked at other products too, but SessionCam offered the best package overall: “The user replay aspect is stronger, and the heatmaps are far easier to use. We’ve since started using SessionCam’s consultancy services, too, but the real winner has been the introduction of the Customer Struggle (CS) Score. It’s become very important to us.”

Business results

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Improving customer experience

“We’d been using Google Analytics to see where users dropped off the site, but we had no idea why,” says John. “So we had to rely on multiple technologies plus opinion and guesswork. That wasted a lot of time and effort.”

“With SessionCam, we can sit and watch people scrolling around, clicking, and typing into fields on the website. It’s highlighted UX problems which lay in our court, but it’s also revealed some extraordinary user behavior, things you’d never guess people would try to do.”

He adds: “SessionCam has become an integral part of our website improvement program, we use it every day. We can go straight to the Customer Struggle Score and see exactly where the blocks in the funnel are and why.”

Heatmaps pinpoint precisely where on the page customers are struggling.

Session-replays show exactly what they’re doing and why they’re struggling.

Customer Struggle Score (0 is low, 5 is high) ranks user problems in order of urgency. One click of the mouse takes you to a real example a customer struggle.

“Before, we couldn’t differentiate between users who were struggling with the website and users who dropped off for their own reasons. Perhaps if they didn’t qualify, or didn’t like the price,” summarizes John. “Now, we only spend time on the real issues, which means we can be a very lean and effective team.”

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SessionCam’s revolutionary machine-learning algorithm is empowering digital teams and professionals with the ability to quickly and confidently identify the true causes of low conversions and loss of revenue.

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