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How Ageas saw a 2700% return on investment in SessionCam over three months

About Ageas

Ageas Retail Limited is dedicated to building sustainable partnerships with some of the UK’s strongest brands, including Age UK, John Lewis and Tesco Bank. Serving around 2.5 million customers in the UK, the company distributes insurance through a range of channels including brokers, independent financial advisors, affinity partners and online.

Using the Google Analytics integration

Installing SessionCam in 2012, Ageas and its retail partners turned to SessionCam and its Google Analytics integration to identify why visitors were dropping off the multiple quote and buy funnels. The company now only spends time on the errors and design issues that will increase conversion rates and improve the user experience (UX).

“SessionCam shows us where visitors are scrolling, clicking and the form fields causing drop off. It’s highlighted UX problems which lay in our court, but it’s also revealed some extraordinary user behavior, things you’d never guess people would try to do,” explains John Crichton, Head of Ecommerce at Ageas Retail Partnerships.

The business challenge

Ageas is under pressure to convert as many clicks to policies as possible. The price differentials in the insurance marketplace can be tiny. It’s easy for customers to compare prices online, to buy or to switch.

“The real savior is the Customer Struggle score,” John expands. “It’s become part of the central nervous system of our website improvement program, we use it everyday. We simply watch session replays with high struggle and see exactly what the person was doing and find out why they dropped out of the funnel.”

Before deploying SessionCam Ageas were unable to differentiate between visitors who were struggling with the website and those who dropped off for their own reasons. “We’d previously relied on multiple technologies plus opinion and guesswork. This wasted time and effort,” summarizes John. “Now, we only spend time on the real issues, making us a more lean and effective team.”

Business Results

Ageas and its retail partners have enjoyed a huge 2,700% return on their investment in SessionCam over a three-month period.

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"We can go straight to the Customer Struggle Score and see exactly where the blocks in the funnel are and why.”

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