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How Arriva used SessionCam to improve its sales funnel and increase conversion ratesn

David Shadbolt

David Shadbolt

Digital Content Manager at Arriva Plc

Arriva used SessionCam to review its ecommerce sales funnel from start to finish to improve website usability and increase conversion rates.

Using our intelligent assistant for the first time

Arriva UK Bus uses SessionCam alongside Google Analytics to find usability issues causing customer frustration and fix them. Having never used an intelligent assistant like SessionCam before, the company took part in user workshops to get started.

The business challenge

When reviewing its ecommerce sales funnel in SessionCam, Arriva noticed a high number of potential customers expressing an interest in purchasing a ticket but then failing to complete a transaction.

“We used SessionCam to understand the behaviors happening — like lengthy dwell time, rapid scrolling as if lost, navigating backwards, dropping out halfway through and so on,” says David Shadbolt, Digital Content Manager at Arriva Plc.

Arriva used this insight to deploy bug fixes and test changes to page designs.

“Watching sample sessions pre-filtered by the Customer Struggle score gave us greater insight into the reasons for drop off than we could have got from Google Analytics alone. SessionCam has taken away the guesswork and helped to deliver significantly more revenue. The whole project paid for itself in less than three weeks.” — David Shadbolt, Digital Content Manager at Arriva Plc

The introduction of website enhancements made saw Arriva exceed sales achieved during the same period of the previous year.

Business Results

  • A 96.6% uplift in conversions year-on-year for visitors entering the website and starting the checkout process
  • A 19.4% uplift in conversions year-on-year for visitors entering the website and completing checkout.


“We recommend SessionCam to others because of how powerful it is. SessionCam allows us to filter down the types of website visitors, device used, what pages were clicked-on, and work out whether your gut feeling is backed-up by what you can see in the evidence then presented in front of you.” — Steve Hubball, Data Analyst at Freestyle Interactive (agency partner for Arriva Bus UK)

"Being able to filter and watch sample sessions to find the reason for struggle and drop-off has taken away the guesswork and given me greater insight into visitor behavior than we get from Google Analytics alone."

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