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Continuous website optimization and improvement drives impressive results for Great Wolf Resorts

Elvis Komskis

Elvis Komskis

Digital Optimization Specialist at Great Wolf Resorts

Elvis uses SessionCam on a daily basis to identify high-value improvements to the Great Wolf Resorts website.

Creating family traditions, one family at a time

Great Wolf Resorts is the largest family of indoor water parks with hotels in North America with a mission to create family traditions, one family at a time. The company opened its first resort in Wisconsin in 1997 and now has 14 resorts across the US and Canada.

The website is an essential part of every step of the customer journey; from initial research through to availability checking and booking of a family vacation.

Focus on continuous optimization and improvement

Ensuring the Great Wolf Resorts website is continually delivering a great customer experience and improving the bottom line results it achieves is the responsibility of Digital Optimization Specialist, Elvis Komskis.

Elvis uses SessionCam on a daily basis to identify conversion optimizations for the website and to investigate problems reported by customers through the contact centre.

Elvis spots opportunities for improvement by focusing on specific pages within the website and researching the user experience for that page in more detail. SessionCam’s heatmaps for clicks, page scrolling and attention are used to understand overall user behavior on that page. The next step is to review 5 – 10 individual session replays with high levels of customer struggle or time spent on the page to see the actual experience delivered to these site visitors as these recordings are more likely to show problems.

Impressive Results

This approach to using SessionCam has delivered impressive results for Great Wolf Resorts.

By way of an example, Elvis explained “Using session replay, I noticed a number of customers abandoning as a result of an issue with the auto-generated password process for new account creation. I had no previous knowledge of this issue but using SessionCam I could clearly see it was a problem that needed to be fixed. Once corrected, there was a 90% increase in new account registrations that equated to a $10m annual benefit.”

This single success provides an almost three hundred fold return for Great Wolf Resorts on their investment with SessionCam and it is just one of many similar achievements. It’s great validation of the use of SessionCam and a systematic approach based on continuous website optimization.

“There was a 90% increase in new account registrations that equated to a $10m annual benefit.”

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