How uses SessionCam’s powerful filtering to reduce its data analysis time from days to minutes

It's all in the details..., a US-based dental and health savings marketplace, felt it was missing crucial details about its website visitors’ search and buying habits. SessionCam reduced the time it takes to analyze that data from days to minutes. uses SessionCam’s powerful filtering feature to quickly identify groups of customers who struggled during specific steps of the buying process. “We also use custom variables to filter situations that confirm our internal tracking for complex processes. This wouldn’t have been possible without SessionCam,” says Harrison Stevens, Senior Manager of Conversion Optimization at

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The results

Switching to SessionCam led to identify four major bugs that were disrupting the customer journey flow. The time required to identify and fix issues has been slashed by as much 65%.

“SessionCam allows us to bring the time spent identifying and confirming bugs down to a matter of minutes. It provides us with answers to our questions, including ones we never thought to ask, helps us identify functionality issues and enhances the overall user experience.” - Harrison Stevens,

Improvements to the website have, on average, rolled out 15% faster than prior to implementing SessionCam. “It has eliminated the guesswork, turning many conversations from strategic theories to confident and certain conclusions,” says Stevens.

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