How Energy Scanner increased conversion rates 6-fold with qualitative SessionCam analysis

Vibha Sridhar

Vibha Sridhar

Head of Marketing at Energy-Scanner

Choosing SessionCam for the second time after taking up a new position was a no-brainer for Vibha.

Creating a transparent and personal experience needs a customer experience that is transparent and adds a personal touch for small businesses. Entering the energy price comparison market in May 2016, the company uses SessionCam to help find the nuances in visitor behavior at each stage of the funnel

“The first thing I do every morning is open SessionCam,” says Vibha Sridhar, Head of Marketing at Energy-Scanner.

Combining the qualitative data from SessionCam with the quantitative data in Google Analytics, Energy-Scanner no longer relies on guesswork to understand customer behavior.

“I look for session replays with a high Customer Struggle score and pinpoint where visitors struggled and see why. SessionCam keeps track of our form field errors and usability issues. We can give visitors a helping hand to make things easier and increase conversion rates,” Vibha explains.

Business results

When a visitor drops off the website, Energy-Scanner follows up with a phone call to find out more about their needs and assist with their energy switch.

Insights from SessionCam supported by an optimized mix of marketing tools has helped Energy-Scanner achieve a 6-fold increase in conversion rates.

“Our aim is to provide an online experience that’s like meeting our potential customers face-to-face. SessionCam helps us to add that personal touch,” Vibha expands.

“We always get a fast response through SessionCam’s online chat. Staff provide guidance and go the extra mile by linking us to information to support our analysis.”

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