How Fleximize uses insights from SessionCam to inform its website redesign

Tackling UX challenges

The alternative finance industry tends towards a tyranny of choice that often confuses potential customers who simply want the best deal. That’s why business loans provider, Fleximize uses SessionCam to identify blockages in the sales funnel as early as possible to decrease drop off.

“I’d used SessionCam in my previous role. I knew it’s value and added it to our arsenal of marketing tools from the outset,” explains Carolynn Blaxcell, Head of Marketing at Fleximize.

For Fleximize, the way it uses SessionCam has evolved in line with its business goals.

“Initially, session replay gave us a really good understanding of how our visitors interacted with and navigated our website. This SessionCam analysis helped inform our approach to make the user experience (UX) as clear and simple as possible,” says Carolynn.

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The business results

Fleximize analyzed SessionCam conversion funnel reports and form analytics data to cut down drop off and form field abandonment on application forms.

“Our findings were used to inform a website relaunch where we totally transformed the navigation. It was an overwhelming success that grew our traffic and customer base.” — Carolynn Blaxcell, Head of Marketing at Fleximize

The depth and flexibility of SessionCam has allowed Fleximize to shift the way it uses the solution to maintain high traffic and conversion rates. “Our focus shifted to identifying where UX could be improved. We used the Customer Struggle score to tweak pages and monitor the effect this had on conversion rates over time,” Carolynn summarizes.

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