How Lovehoney used SessionCam insights to understand its US visitors and overhaul its product page design

About Lovehoney

Lovehoney is an international online retailer of sex toys, lingerie and erotic gifts. They sum up their mission as being “the sexual happiness people”.

A misbehaving conversion rate

Growing an international footprint has its fair share of challenges. For Lovehoney, a lower conversion rate on the Lovehoney US site left the Head of Ecommerce, Matthew Curry, stumped.

“We tried all the usual web analytics, like navigational analysis and segmenting visitors, but it didn’t give us the answers,” Matt explains. “I gave the world’s vaguest brief to our account manager — along the lines of ‘something is wrong but I don’t know what’ —  and SessionCam’s insight team answered it.”

SessionCam’s insight report focused on analyzing the shopping habits of different territories using heatmap and funnel data. It focused on the journeys visitors were taking to the product pages and individual product pages.

“We used data from SessionCam and our A/B testing tool to spot patterns in visitor behavior,” says Matt. “For instance, we knew from aggregated data that a high number of visitors browsing male sex toys read at least one product review before making a purchase.”

Insight highlights

Insight from SessionCam identified a similar behavior on Lovehoney’s US site. Heatmaps showed visitors skipping product videos and going straight down to reviews. This could either have been distracting them from adding products to their basket or putting them off a purchase.

“Reviews play a large part in proving product quality and social proof. To build brand recognition in the US, we needed to tailor our product page design to reflect how visitors were interacting with the page,” Matt reflects.

“We knew that our product pages were largely where the problem was. The insight team discovered all sorts of nuances in visitor behavior that were completely new to us. We would never have got this from classic analytics because you don’t get this level of insight.”

Some visitors were swiping or clicking left and right on the product image to try and reveal additional images. Lovehoney was able to feed this UX lesson into the global business.

A lesson in discreet packaging

Watching session replays of the ‘Checkout Complete’ page also revealed the importance of discretion among visitors. Those who navigated to the ‘Discreet Packaging’ page had a higher conversion rate than visitors who didn’t go to this page.

“Most people know that when they order from Lovehoney that their parcel will be delivered in discreet packaging — but our US customers don’t necessarily know that. So we made sure to promote this idea of discretion on,” Matt details.

“We’re now completely overhauling our existing checkout, working with SessionCam’s insight team to A/B test an iteration before deploying it to make everything great for our US customers,” he concludes.

“I gave the world’s vaguest brief to our account manager — along the lines of ‘something is wrong but I don’t know what’ — and SessionCam’s insight team answered it.”

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