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James Larter

James Larter

Analytics & Optimisation Manager

James uses SessionCam to find the problems that are impacting website users on important customer journeys.

The number one insurance premium finance company in the UK and Ireland

Set-up in 1988, Premium Credit provides a way for businesses and individuals to spread the cost of an insurance premium over regular instalments as well as providing finance for annual costs for professional fees, membership subscriptions, commercial service charges and school fees.

Premium Credit have 2.2 million customers, processing 26 million direct debits and achieving advances of £3.4 billion.

Their business goal is to make it easy for intermediaries and customers to interact with Premium Credit, in any way they want. In today’s world most of that interaction is online, and needs to be as simple and as streamlined as possible.

Reducing error message frequency improves conversion

James Larter is responsible for the analytics, optimization and user experience across a range of key customer journeys on the Premium Credit website and apps.

Working within the e-commerce team, James uses SessionCam on a daily basis to find high value improvements. James believes SessionCam’s Error Detection reporting provides the fastest and easiest way to find website problems that need to be solved.

James explains further: “I use SessionCam’s Error Detection reporting to see the most frequently occurring error messages. For each of these, I watch several session replays to understand more about why our visitors are experiencing these errors and to identify what we can do to improve this”.

“For example, using the error reporting we identified that on one part of one of our journeys, 8 out of 10 users were entering their date of birth incorrectly and generating an error message. We re-designed this element of the process to reflect best practice and conversion improved by 7%”.

Data not opinions

SessionCam allows James to find and evidence website problems and quantify the impact of each one. This ensures activity and effort towards improving Premium Credit’s digital customer experience can be prioritized based on data rather than subjective opinion.

James commented “As a company, we are a very data-driven, user-focused organisation when it comes to making decisions and I often sit with senior stakeholders to show them real examples of the customer experience we deliver online to evidence problems that we can fix and improve”.

Meaningful results

Premium Credit’s approach to website optimization has successfully delivered bottom-line results for the business.

To illustrate this better, James said “We have recently focused our optimization efforts on reducing channel switching where users move from the website to the contact centre because they can’t complete their journey online. Identifying and solving the website problems causing this has generated a £0.3m annual cost saving for us.”

“We re-designed this element of the process to reflect best practice and conversion improved by 7%.”

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