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How Progress uses SessionCam insights to map out visitor behavior across three websites

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Progress provides the leading platform for developing and deploying mission-critical business applications. It wanted a better way to leverage visitor data to drive website improvements. Turning to SessionCam provided the evidence it needed to justify design changes and improve the user experience.

Mapping out visitor behavior with confidence

Progress uses SessionCam to dig into visitor data when developing new design ideas.

“Optimizing the experience for three websites, each with different conversion goals — as a team of two — has its fair share of challenges,” says Megan Gouveia, Senior Manager of Optimization and Personalization at Progress.

Each website requires a different approach to mapping out typical visitor behavior. With limited resources, the team also needed a way to capture and analyze data from those sources in one place.

Progress starts with analyzing the visitor journey within Google Analytics looking for possible points of struggle and for opportunities for improvement. “We then turn to the SessionCam integration to isolate specific visitor sessions. That allows us to identify when visitors aren’t completing and the areas where we can make changes to improve the customer experience,” Megan explains.

“SessionCam gives us a great understanding of what a visitor journey is really like — what are they trying to do? What pathways are they taking to do it? What are they struggling with? It’s an additional resource that helps us design and optimize for our visitors, providing validation on how they really engage with the site. It brings the qualitative and quantitative together in a simple way, providing a full picture of the experience and challenges.”

Using the SessionCam integration to monitor one of its highest value routes to conversion, Progress put their free trial process under the microscope of the Customer Struggle score.

“Visitors were confused. They were clicking the download button, but didn’t realize they needed to select an operating system before their download would start. So they would leave the page and come back trying to find other ways to enter into the page,” explains Megan.

With a simple change to the supporting content and the button’s behavior, Progress increased its conversion rates.

Progress also uses SessionCam’s integration with Google Optimize. Megan summarizes: “This extra way to segment our visitors adds a deeper layer to our analysis. We use it to isolate specific visitors and watch session replays to learn why a visitor is behaving in a particular way. Why were they heading to a particular page?”

“SessionCam hit the sweet spot when it came to tackling our challenges and getting the functionality we needed.”

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