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SessionCam’s integration with Optimizely helps Push Doctor get more from their A/B testing

Angeliqua Dieye

Angeliqua Dieye

Senior Content Executive, Push Doctor

Angeliqua uses the Sessioncam integration with Optimizely to better analyze A/B test results and drive website improvements for Push Doctor.

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Push Doctor is the UK’s leading digital health provider providing fast, easy access appointments via secure video consultations over the phone, tablet or PC between 6am – 11pm, 7 days a week.

Founded in 2013, Push Doctor is based in Manchester and works with UK GPs across the country.

Integrating Optimizely and SessionCam

Angeliqua Dieye, Senior Content Executive optimises and improves the customer experience on the Push Doctor website. Angeliqua uses SessionCam alongside Google Analytics and Optimizely.

Push Doctor integrated SessionCam with Optimizely so that data within SessionCam’s heatmapsconversion funnels and recordings can be segmented by each Optimizely test variant. This enables the team to get a clearer view of results for each A/B test, and get a deeper understanding of user behaviour.

Angeliqua uses SessionCam’s heatmaps to investigate the pages within the tests, and mainly focuses on heatmap clicks and browser attention. She supplements this analysis with reporting of link activity.

She says: “Heatmaps give me a really good understanding of how our users behaves on a page and quickly highlights issues with design and navigation.”

Next, she’ll use session replay to watch recordings of individual users interacting with the page. This helps confirm her thoughts on issues that have been identified from the heatmaps.

Excellent Results

The integration of SessionCam with Optimizely to support the analysis of A/B test results has delivered some excellent results for Push Doctor.

Angeliqua explains: “We launched a new landing page test but the conversion from the page dropped off with 34%. We wanted to understand what was happening, so we used SessionCam’s heatmaps to identify the issue. We quickly realised the copy around the CTA was causing the problem. We fixed this and the results immediately improved. We recovered the lost 34% and actually improved by a further 17% from there.”

“We’ve also made good improvements on our conversion funnel by using SessionCam. We identified a drop-off in one of the funnel steps and investigated further using session replay. We could see customers were encountering a verification screen that was loading several times and taking the user to our sign in-screen. We didn’t realise this was happening! We fixed the bug and conversion to the next step increased by 23%.”

“We fixed the bug and conversion to the next step increased by 23%.”

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