Victoria Plum Case Study

How uses SessionCam to flush out errors and wash away customer experience issues

David Whitehead

David Whitehead

Head of User Experience

Having used SessionCam in a previous role, Dave selected it once again when choosing the right solution to maximize conversion on

A quick and easy fix needed to understand the buying habits of both individuals and trades to create a richer user experience that increases conversions.

With products and promotions continuously added to its website, has to react quickly to fix website issues affecting the customer experience.

After noticing a high visitor drop-off following the launch of a new Trade Loyalty Scheme, the company used SessionCam’s real-time session replay to pinpoint the error.

“Watching sessions brought to our attention by the Customer Struggle score, we discovered that visitors didn’t understand that if you already had a retail account, you could not hold a Trade Loyalty Scheme account with the same email address,” says David Whitehead, Head of User Experience. “This was easily rectified by amending the error messaging in the registration form. After making this change, conversions went up.”

A five-star user experience relies on Trustpilot for its customer reviews: “We get a one or two-star review every now and then where a visitor has written about a website error or technical issue,” David explains.

“SessionCam allows us to search the session replays quickly and play back the specific sessions to learn exactly what the problem was. We’ve found issues we never knew existed.” — David Whitehead, Head of User Experience at

David uses SessionCam heatmaps on a monthly basis to present findings like this to webpage category managers. “You don’t have to explain a click heatmap to understand it. The teams can plainly see where their current design has worked, and areas where the page could perform better,” he says.

"Google Analytics shows you what but not why. SessionCam gives you both."

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