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The Most Common Website Optimization Solutions – Explained [VIDEO]

Brian Massey (Conversion Sciences) and James Harber (SessionCam) show you how to integrate behavioral science into your everyday marketing and analysis with an overview of nine common website optimization tools.

A few weeks ago, we were invited to share our conversion rate optimization (CRO) expertise on a webinar with our friends from across the pond at Conversion Sciences.

SessionCam Insight Consultant, James Harber joined their Founder and optimization expert, Brian Massey on a webinar to discuss the types of tools available to get the insight you need to increase conversion.

As data becomes more accessible, businesses can find out more than ever before about their customers and how they behave. The webinar, ‘Everyday Behavioral Science’, explains why behavioral science is becoming an increasingly important term for digital marketers.

James and Brian talk through nine common CRO tools (including session replay, heatmaps, form analytics and CS Score) and pass on their top tips to boost click-through rates by identifying and fixing any signs of customer struggle in order to maximize conversion.

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