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The customer struggle spotter’s handbook: 7 behavior types that kill conversion rates

The Customer Struggle Spotter’s Handbook: 7 Behavior Types That Kill Conversion Rates

The customer struggle spotter’s handbook: 7 behavior types that kill conversion rates

There were seven samurai, there are seven deadly sins and — when you’re trying to improve your website’s conversion rates — there are seven types of customer behavior you definitely don’t want to see. Here’s your quick guide to spotting them using session replay, categorized by annoyance…

The ones that are like Wile e Coyote hitting a boulder…

The visitor drops off when they hit a technical error message or end up at a dead-end caused by a broken link. 404s, website crashes and bad requests are all good examples of errors that can trigger this behavior.

This is where the limitations of your business process cause things to grind to a halt, preventing a visitor from completing their goal and becoming a customer. That could be because an item is out of stock, you don’t deliver to a particular area or the journey is broken by a customer service query.

The ones that are like getting stuck in a door…

When a visitor hits a problem with a form, because they struggle with the whole thing, a particular field or with their entries being validated, you’re dealing with this struggle type. Errors generated by a form may lead to the visitor dropping off entirely.

You’ll encounter this issue when a visitor hasn’t been able to complete their goal. It often happens on the last page in their session. On mobile, it’s typified by the journey ending with no page interaction, suggesting the app was closed. For desktop visitors, the mouse pointer heads to the top of the page to close the tab or shut the window entirely.

The one that’s like taking a wrong turn…

Here’s one that’s easy to diagnose: You’ll see repeated pageviews, navigating forwards and backwards between pages and the same forms repeated multiple times. On mobile, there’ll be multiple swipes, while on desktop the visitor’s attention will land on the back and forward buttons.

The ones that are like ants at your picnic…

This occurs when a visitor is trying to find something and fails. You’ll see high levels of scrolling, tapping and swiping but it’s worth remembering that this behavior on its own may have nothing to do with your website. That’s why SessionCam’s Customer Struggle score puts it in context.

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When a visitor is confused, this is what you’ll see: High dwell time coupled with low page interaction or painfully long amounts of time spent on forms. On mobile, you’ll encounter regular taps to keep the screen active while on desktop you’ll witness mouse pointers hovering over links.

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