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Elevating Your A/B Testing Strategy with InfoTrust and SessionCam

A big thank you to our trusted partner InfoTrust for taking the time to join us for our latest webinar last week.    

If you didn’t get a chance to join the webinar on how to elevate your A/B testing strategy.  You can watch it here:

SessionCam’s Head of Global Partnerships, Justin Hobbs, said: “The feedback from the session was fantastic. It’s always great to work with a partner to deliver this. The content brilliantly showcased the importance of combining A/B Testing and Session replay.”

“The overall attendance was high with some great questions being asked at the end. I’d like to thank everybody who made the time to join us and a special shout-out and thanks to Sessioncam Product Manager James Harber and InfoTrust Optimization and Insights Specialist Melanie Bowles for delivering such a useful and informative webinar.”

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