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What is SessionCam?

SessionCam is an intelligent SaaS solution designed to help companies across the globe  optimize the online customer experience and find website conversion issues. We do this using an intelligence-based approach and machine-learning algorithms to easily identify, visualize and understand your customers’ points of struggle.

What makes SessionCam different to other CX marketing tools and solutions?

In addition to visualization tools – including heatmaps, session replay, funnels and alerts – SessionCam includes a unique machine-learning algorithm called the Customer Struggle (CS) Score. It automatically measures the amount of customer struggle within each and every customer journey on your website.

You can read more about our Customer Struggle Score here.

How long does it take to set up?

You can add SessionCam to your website in just a few minutes.

Our JavaScript tag is available to cut and paste onto your site, or you can install it as a plugin. Many of our clients use a variety of tag management solutions, and we have implementations stored with some the most common tag managers, including Google Tag Manager.

We create your SessionCam account in just a few minutes too – so recording can start as soon as you add the tags to the relevant pages, domains, sub-domains and/or paths.

Does it require any special software to set up?

No. There are no additional infrastructure, software or development requirements for SessionCam. Simply include our tag on your website.

Do I need to employ an analytics expert to run SessionCam?

No. Our solution is designed to reduce  the cost and need for expensive external consultants/agencies. By using our machine-learning algorithm to automatically identify and bring high-value conversion issues to your attention, you can not only eliminate the risk of human error in the diagnostic process, but free-up precious internal resource, save time and maximize revenue.

What level of product support is included?

Clients have full access to telephone and email support, and ongoing training sessions with our Customer Success Managers and Account Managers.

We also have a full helpdesk system available to clients which describes, in detail, each aspect of the SessionCam console and setup along with other commonly FAQs.

How much is SessionCam?

Simply put, each website is different and each of our clients’ needs are different.

In order to make sure we provide you with an accurate quote, please contact our sales team. Our plans are available at both enterprise and SME level and can be tailored to the specific needs of your website.

Do you offer a free demonstration of SessionCam?

Yes. You can see for yourself before you buy. We offer a free WebEx demonstration where you can ask our expert consultants as many questions as you want to find out how to use SessionCam to its full potential. Get in touch with our sales team today to find out more, or you can request a demo.

Can I partner with SessionCam?

Yes! We have a fully-fledged partner program for Solutions Partners and Integration Partners alike. To find out more about the requirements and benefits of our Partner Program, click here for more information.

What features are included out-of-the-box?

SessionCam includes the use of the Customer Struggle Score (CS Score) and supporting visualization tools – such as heatmaps, session replay, conversion funnels, APIs and alerts – that aid the understanding of identified struggle problems. We do not charge separately for individual features of SessionCam, it is all included.

Support from our Customer Success Team is also included and we provide our clients with a dedicated Account Manager.

What is session replay?

Session replay allows you to watch recordings that show exactly what your customers’ saw at the point they visited your website. In the SessionCam console, you can watch recordings across multiple devices including those from a mobile, and see gestures, mouse movements, form input, scrolling, dynamic content and more behaviors.

This information can then be used alongside other visualization and optimization tools, such as heatmaps and filters, to analyze this data and find conversion issues.

Click here for more information on this topic.

How does SessionCam decide what sessions to record?

Depending on the page, you can choose to record up to 100% of sessions. Once you have chosen what percentage of sessions you would like to record, SessionCam will then randomly select a cross-section of pages to record determined by a sampling rate.

For example, if set at 25%, SessionCam would use a 1-in-4 algorithm to decide which sessions to record.

For a checkout journey, we recommend a 100% sampling rate, whereas a lower sampling rate would be more appropriate for ‘brochure’ pages.

We are able to set different sampling rates on different domains, sub-domains, paths and/ or specific pages.

Remember: We can only record if the SessionCam tag is on the page.

Do you record mobile users as standard?

Yes. You can watch recordings across multiple devices, including mobile, that show exactly what your customers’ saw at the point they visited your website.

Do you record exactly what the client sees at the time?

Yes. We take a version of each asset on your site and store them so that during playback you will see assets as they were at the time of recording.

What happens if I make a change to my website while recording? Can you still record it?

Yes. We record and play back exactly what the customer saw, even if your site has changed.

What types of heatmap do you offer?

SessionCam includes the full suite of heatmaps available to all our clients: mouse movement, mouse click, page scroll and attention heatmaps. You can select types of sessions (device type, for example) and date ranges to include in a heatmap.

Click here for more information on this topic.

What is the Customer Struggle Score?

The Customer Struggle Score, or CS Score for short, automatically measures the amount of customer struggle within each and every customer journey on your website.

Continually relearning the way your website works over time by looking at behavioral patterns, analytics and common errors, our machine-learning algorithm calculates a CS Score for each page within every recorded session.

The CS Score gives each session a score of 0 – 5. A score of 5 indicates the highest level of customer struggle and is automatically pushed to the top of the priority list.

You can then review this data in the SessionCam console to diagnose, fix and optimize usability issues on your website, saving hours of time to deliver vastly improved efficiency.

Click here for more information on this topic.

Can I create funnels in SessionCam?

Yes. You can set up funnels to analyze the most popular paths to conversion on your website and identify the pages where users commonly drop-off or abandon a purchase. Used alongside session replay, you can watch recordings at each stage of the funnel to find out why users are not progressing through the funnel.

By applying filters, you can also compare performance by segmenting data – into mobile and desktop, for example. Ultimately, funnels are designed to help you identify ways to improve website usability and increase revenue.

Click here for more information on this topic.

What are segments?

Segments are a set of filters applied to your session data, allowing you to look at a particular type of user, or group of users to identify potential struggle points. At the most basic level, segments will save you time if you routinely find yourself using the same set of filters.

The way segments are used will vary from organization-to-organization, but you’ll soon be able to set up the segments you need to access the data that’s most important to you.

Not only do segments help you access recordings very quickly, they are also the mechanism for triggering alerts and exports.

Can I export data and set alerts?

Yes. Data recorded by SessionCam can be exported from our console or accessed automatically via our Application Programming Interface (API). It is easy to configure API streams to push recorded data in real-time or on a daily basis for any segment of recording activity. Data can be sent via email notifications or downloaded manually from the SessionCam console into Microsoft Excel format. You can also integrate data recorded by SessionCam with data from other web analytics tools.

Does SessionCam include form analytics?

Yes. We can also record them. From the funnels pane in the SessionCam console, a report is generated that will show you both the page where customers abandon your site (e.g. the shopping cart or basket) and the specific field causing the drop-off. At the click of a button, you will also be able to see all the sessions that dropped-off at the particular field in question.

In addition to the standard report we generate, you can create your own custom reports.

Will SessionCam work with any website architecture and technology?

SessionCam will work with all common technologies used for website development including HTML, ASP, PHP, Ruby on Rails and JSP. Our tag can also be included in popular web building platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc., so long as the visitor to your website is using a web browser.

Will SessionCam record all of my site visitors?

You determine how much of your website activity you want to use with SessionCam in terms of the total number of page impressions you want to record each calendar month. SessionCam will record up to the total you specify.

You can choose to record 100% of your website activity if you wish. Or you can record a smaller volume if you choose by setting a sampling rate.

We are able to set different sampling rates on different domains, sub-domains, paths and/or specific pages.

Can I control who has access to the SessionCam console?

Yes. We structure your SessionCam account setup to allow only the users you specify to gain access to each site, or group of sites and the product features necessary for each individual. There are currently four main user access roles: Alert Receiver, Standard User, Analytics User and Admin User.

Will SessionCam slow down my website or affect the user’s browsing performance?

No. We have taken a significant number of steps to ensure SessionCam will not slow down your website. We have focused heavily on making sure that SessionCam does not interrupt or degrade the customer’s experience of using your website.

Our tag has been optimized and compressed to minimize its file size. It is also delivered from a Content Delivery Network and set to cache for 24 hours to eliminate the need for any repeated downloads from your site visitor.

We continuously monitor and benchmark the performance of our tag delivery to ensure it remains fast and efficient.

My organization has more than one website, can I use SessionCam across all of them?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of domains we can record for you. As long as you have the SessionCam tag on the page and you inform us of the different domains/sub-domains that you wish to record.

Can I exclude IP addresses from recording on my site?

Yes. It is possible to restrict particular IP addresses from recording on SessionCam. If you have a requirement to block an IP address or range of IP addresses, then this can be arranged during setup or at any point after this time.

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?

For security reasons, your password will need to be reset by a member of the SessionCam Customer Success Team. Email support@sessioncam.com with subject line “Password reset required” and our team will respond as soon as possible.

What browsers are supported by SessionCam?

SessionCam will record customer activity on any web browser that supports JavaScript.

That includes browsers installed on mobile devices. Our session replay feature has been optimized and tested to work with the latest versions of the most common browsers on a desktop/laptop, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Does SessionCam support flash?

No, we are unable to capture flash content. However, we are able to record all HTML content, including HTML5.

Does SessionCam work with members-only shopping cart pages and checkout pages?

Yes. You can deploy the SessionCam tag on all parts of your website.

Does SessionCam track single page applications (SPA)?

Yes. Straight out-of-the-box, SessionCam will capture all states within a Single Page Application (such as those built using AngularJS, Backbone.js or Knockout.js) and mark these as virtual pageviews. These can be replayed, filtered, heatmapped and added as steps within a sales funnel, just like all other pages. This happens automatically with no additional code changes or configuration.

This functionality also works with older browsers and frameworks which don’t support the HTML5 History API. If you would like this enabled on your site – or part of your site – then please talk with our Customer Success Team who can configure this for you.

Can you capture iframes?

Yes,  we can capture iframe pages. If you would like this enabled on your site – or part of your site – then please talk with our Customer Success Team who can help you to configure this in the most effective way.

Does SessionCam track cross-domain?

Yes. We track cross-domain and stitch the replay together so you can watch a seamless customer journey in playback.

Do you record WordPress websites?

Yes, we can record WordPress and all other CMS systems.

Do you record websites that are using AJAX?

Yes. This method of exchanging data with a server and updating parts of a webpage without reloading the entire page works really well alongside SessionCam.

Do you record Angular JS?

Yes, SessionCam will capture Angular JS pages as standard. Many Angular JS sites are built as a Single Page Application, but you can also set a Virtual Page Load on the page updates for easy segmentation in our console.

Can I use a tag manager?

Yes. Many of our clients use a variety of tag management solutions, and we have implementations stored with some the most common tag managers, including Google Tag Manager.

Do you support CSS Hover?

Yes. While most other solutions don’t capture this data, we support CSS Hover out-of-the-box. If your site uses CSS Hover, then please talk with our Customer Success Team who can make sure this is configured in the best way possible.  

Does SessionCam use any cookies?

Yes. SessionCam uses a small number of cookies to ensure seamless recording and playback and to enhance performance of our recording code.

What integrations are available in SessionCam?

SessionCam is fully integratable with most CX analytics tools. For a full list of Integration Partners, visit our partner page.

Does SessionCam work with Google Analytics?

Yes. You can import sessions from SessionCam into your Google Analytics and Universal Analytics dashboard. Importing sessions into Google Analytics means you can view sessions based on existing Google Analytics segments; including goals, ecommerce activity, advertising clicks etc.

Does SessionCam integrate with Maxymiser?

Yes. When an integration is up and running between Maxymiser and SessionCam you will be able to filter session data based on a custom variable within the SessionCam console.

Does SessionCam integrate with Optimizely?

Yes. We have a seamless integration which is built into Optimizely and can be configured from the Optimizely and SessionCam consoles.

Does SessionCam integrate with Qubit?

Yes. SessionCam has a seamless integration with Qubit to capture experience information when you are running an MVT or A/B test.

Does SessionCam integrate with Piwik Analytics?

Yes. You can import sessions from SessionCam into your Piwik Analytics dashboard. Importing sessions into Piwik Analytics means you can view sessions based on existing Piwik Analytics segments.

Does SessionCam integrate with ABTasty?

Yes. ABTasty is a tool often used for A/B testing and MVT. ABTasty has built an integration for their users to enable them to send test and variation details across to SessionCam using a custom variable.

Does SessionCam integrate with Visual Web Optimizer?

Yes. Users of Visual Web Optimizer (VWO) can send data about A/B testing variants into SessionCam to be able to easily segment their recordings, heatmaps and even conversion funnels based on a specific variant.

Does SessionCam integrate with Adobe Analytics/Adobe Omniture?

Yes. You can import SessionID’s from SessionCam into your Omniture dashboard and view sessions based on existing reports.

Does SessionCam integrate with Adobe Test & Target?

Yes. When using Test & Target (T&T), it is possible to insert specific code blocks for the tests you run. This then enables you to harness the power of a T&T test and SessionCam side by side.

Can I integrate my analytics solution with SessionCam?

Yes! Please email partners@sessioncam.com for more details, or visit our partner page to see our Integration Partner requirements.

Where does SessionCam store my data?

SessionCam is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS S3). Based in the US, all data is held on secure servers.

For customers based in Europe who are concerned about data being stored outside the EU, AWS is not only signed-up to EU Data Protection Regulations, but also ensures compliance with the new EU-US Privacy Shield.

The Amazon cloud infrastructure is also designed and managed in accordance with major regulations and standards, and complies with the following:

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Level 1 (PCI DSS)
  • Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1, 2 & 3
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001

A fully comprehensive list of compliances can be found on the AWS website.

How does SessionCam deal with personal data?

SessionCam understands that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) should be accessed only on a strict need-to-know basis, and handled and stored with care.

All our customers are given the option to record PII if they so wish. A common reason for doing so is as an anti-fraud measure.

Similarly, SessionCam does not collect Payment Card Industry (PCI) data by default. It is programmed to recognize fields containing PCI data and not record them. As SessionCam is designed to show you customer behavior, it is not necessary to record this sensitive information, so we don’t.

Can I mask sensitive information fields?

Yes. For security purposes, fields marked as sensitive won’t be recorded or stored and will appear starred-out, or masked, in playback. Once data has been set to be masked, this will be encrypted at the point of recording and will never leave the user’s browser.

During the SessionCam setup process, you will have the option to specify any additional form fields you would like to mask as containing sensitive data. You can amend this at any time by speaking with our team or from within the SessionCam console.

What happens to the recorded data when a customer leaves my website?

This customer data will be encrypted (AES-256) at the point of recording and will never leave the user’s browser.

Do my website visitors know they are being recorded?

We do not hide the fact the SessionCam is installed on your website and your customer can use any number of free methods and tools available to explore for themselves what is installed on your site.

However, we recommend that you make reference to SessionCam in your privacy statement.

What certifications and compliances do you have in place to protect data from my business and its customers?

SessionCam’s security framework is closely aligned with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, the internationally recognised Information Security standard that provides a framework of best practices, policies and procedures that include legal, physical and technical controls involved in an organization’s information risk management processes.

In the UK, we are registered with the ICO, the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

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