How long does Sessioncam take to set-up?

You can add SessionCam to your web site in just a few minutes.
Our simple tag is available to cut and paste onto your site, or you can install it as a plugin (for various platforms).
We create your SessionCam account in just a few moments – so recording can start as soon as you add the tags.

Can I use a tag manager?

Yes, many of clients use a variety of Tag Management solutions.

Some tag management solutions will already have a store of the SessionCam tag, including Google Tag Manager. If they don’t, you can always send the tag to them to be implemented.

Will SessionCam work with any web site architecture and technology?

SessionCam will work with all common technologies used for website development including HTML, ASP, PHP, Ruby on Rails and JSP. Our tag can also be included in popular web building platforms such as Word Press, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Our tag is also configured to work on most older technologies. However, we are unable to capture Flash or content delivered within iframes.

Can I export data and set alerts?

Yes, you can receive email alerts based on the criteria you set. You can also export your data, integrate with other outbound mail systems and create an API.

Can I see which fields are causing customer drop-offs on my form?

Yes, SessionCam has a range of reports to help you analyse which form fields people are dropping off from, which ones generate most error messages and which ones users spend most time on.

Will SessionCam record all of my site visitors?

You determine how much of your web site activity you want to use with SessionCam in terms of the total number of page impressions you want to record each calendar month. SessionCam will record up to the total you specify.

You can choose to record 100% of your web site activity if you wish. Or you can record a smaller volume if you would choose.

SessionCam also provides the flexibility to vary the recording level by hostname or path. For example, you can choose to record a small percentage of traffic on general “brochure” pages and 100% of traffic on transactional pages like the checkout.

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