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Field-level drop-off provides stunning insight to improve online conversion levels

Field-level Drop-off Provides Stunning Insight To Improve Online Conversion Levels

Field-level drop-off provides stunning insight to improve online conversion levels

Web analytic systems are a key tool for any web site owner to understand the activity and usage of their web site. For e-commerce sites, a major area of focus is to use web analytics to understand levels of customer drop-off between web pages within a multi-page conversion funnel.

In headline terms, this information is valuable as it will tell you which web page customers are stopping on but often this insight on its own is not enough to identify the reasons why customers don’t complete an online process.

To fully understand online form conversion issues you need to look more closely at the detail of what customers actually did within the form pages on your web site that suffer from high drop-off rates. SessionCam lets you see these details to provide stunning insight to improve your online conversion levels.

By recording the details of your customers’ interactions with your web site, SessionCam is then able to aggregate details of all visits to report drop-off at field-level within each web page in a multi-page conversion funnel.

Within page, field-level drop-off reporting will show the number of customers that have dropped-off each field within a web page form. This lets you see immediately which fields are suffering the highest rate of individual drop-off.

Recorded sessions from customers that have dropped at these fields are also available to replay. This lets you see real life user interaction around the individual field with high drop-off to further understand the reasons why a customer failed to progress beyond an individual field within a web page form.

The combination of SessionCam’s field-level conversion reporting and session replay capability have proved extremely beneficial to our clients giving them new insight and allowing them to successfully identify and solve a number of issues within their online form processes and improve their overall conversion levels.

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