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Focus your Website Optimization Efforts with our Free Starter Account

Identify your top five worst-performing pages and boost your conversion rate with our free SessionCam starter account.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in our intelligent Customer Struggle Score (CS Score) ever since its launch in May 2016. This has been from brands who work hard to eliminate user struggle on their website in order to create the best online experience possible for their customers.

We were the first to deploy machine-learning algorithms to automatically find conversion issues, and our solution has come on leaps and bounds ever since.

With all this in mind, a few weeks ago we decided to create a free starter account to give more businesses the opportunity to experience the power of our machine-learning algorithm for themselves.

Why make it free?

With so many solutions to choose from, we’re here to make the choice and process as easy as possible for you to get a taster of what makes us unique.

As one of the most mature and advanced solutions on the market, we want to help as many brands as possible to make their customers as happy as possible.

While it offers a small teaser of just one aspect of the full SessionCam suite of optimization tools, our free starter account is designed to highlight the value in measuring the amount of struggle on your website with speed and efficiency.

That’s our mission. To make identifying errors and/or usability issues on your website as quick and easy as possible so that your brand can capture missed revenue opportunities, decrease drop-off from your funnels and supercharge your conversion rate.

“We wanted to offer website owners an easy, no-cost way of measuring the amount of struggle on their site and let them see examples of real customers struggling on their worst performing pages to help them optimize their website.”

– Kevin Goodings, CEO, SessionCam.

What’s included?

The free starter account takes you to the source of your five biggest website issues first.

But what did we do to calculate and pinpoint these issues?

Our CS Score uses a machine-learning algorithm to automatically measure the amount of struggle on your website. The algorithm handles vast amounts of data from individual sessions and automatically gives behaviors – such as mouse position and scroll speed – a weighting depending on how strongly they correlated with customer struggle factors.

In short, it continually relearns what is considered a normal interaction on your website and then alerts you to the biggest barriers to conversion, first.

This intelligent approach to website optimization saves you significant time in finding the problems that impact conversion. It does this by showing you a prioritized list of the pages on your website you should focus on.

Included in this list, you can dive straight into session replays (up to 50 session recordings a month available under the free starter account).

What’s more, you can see exactly what your customer would have seen at the time they visited your website. This is a vital part of high-quality session replay.

Where’s the value for me?

There are several ways to get value out of session replay. It can be an essential practice if, for example, you have recently redesigned your website and have seen a drop in conversions and want to compare sessions from before and after the redesign. As well as this, you can use the tool to pinpoint the exact field on a form that is causing drop-off.

But you don’t know why these changes have had a negative effect.

Combined with our CS Score which automatically pinpoints the highest value conversion issues on your website, our session replay allows you to find the why behind the what and truly target your optimization efforts.

How do I sign up?

Simply head over to our plans page and fill in our new sign up form to create your free starter account.

Give our CS Score a try and let us know your feedback!

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