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How to get Started with Heatmaps

Achieve more of your website goals with the help of our new video which outlines the best practices for using heatmaps to boost your conversion rate

We’ve just released a new video featuring Insight Consultant, James Harber, who recaps some of SessionCam’s top tips for using heatmaps to improve your page design and achieve more of your website goals.

Check out the video below:


Video transcript

What can heatmaps show you?

Heatmaps give a great visual indication of the general behavior on any given page. It’s easy to identify click and scroll patterns, as well as engagement with content that might otherwise be hard to quantify such as blog posts and large areas of text.

As well as this, it’s easy to identify differences in device behavior, such as separating out mobile, desktop and tablet users, and then identifying what content is driving them through your site.

Our top 3 tips for using heatmaps

1. Look at the correct set of data

This could be from selecting the correct date range, all the way through to the browser, device and given page that you want to look at. It’s also worth noting that your heatmap tool can understand different variations of the page. This can be anything from an A/B test all the way through to whether a change has been made on your website.

2. Use filters wisely

Filters will help you break the data down to a more granular level, offering you stronger insights to build your hypothesis on. For example, look at the difference in behavior between customers who purchased and customers who didn’t purchase. Or maybe look at browser type and screen size to understand your call to actions (CTAs), and if they are being seen or not.

3. Never base business-critical decisions on heatmaps alone

Use heatmaps to build a hypothesis which should be proven or disproven using traditional analytics tools, such as session replay.

Remember: Compare all heatmaps and don’t become hung-up on the first thing you see.

In our ebook, we help you understand all variations of heatmaps and how to filter and refine to make sure that what you are seeing offers the strongest insights.

Click below to get your free copy.

About James Harber 

Insight Consultant at SessionCam

James transforms customer data from some of the world’s leading brands into insights, providing detailed reports and recommendations on how to vastly increase their conversion rates by using the CRO solution, SessionCam, to its full potential.

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