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Happy birthday SessionCam

We created the first version of SessionCam nine years ago and so much has happened since we started.

The first version of our product was completely focused on session replay and developed with the firm belief that anyone that is serious about their website would need a session replay solution.

SessionCam's session replay feature in 2010

SessionCam’s session replay feature in 2010

Over time, we enhanced our session replay capability to provide support for dynamic, Ajax content, mobile websites and responsive site design. We quickly added other, complementary features such as conversion funnels, form analytics and heatmaps as well.

Over more recent years, our R&D efforts have been targeted towards introducing greater intelligence to our product to make it easier and quicker for our customers to find their highest value optimization issues with features such as struggle detection, error reporting, key journey mapping, revenue at risk and anomaly detection.

We’ve added many, many integrations to the most popular tag management, web analytics, A/B testing and Voice of the Customer solutions used by our clients. Our latest development enable segments from Adobe Analytics to be used inside of SessionCam.

Throughout all of this time, we’ve been committed to making sure our customers generate a fast and recurring return on their investment with SessionCam. We’ve been continually delighted at the great stories of success we’ve heard over the years and our desire to provide “best in class” support is as strong now as when we first started.

Most recently, we’ve achieved ISO 27001 accreditation; one of only three vendors in our market to do this and great evidence of how we have grown-up from our early start-up days.

Michelle cuts the cake

Michelle cuts the cake

We’ve witnessed the explosion of the “martech” sector – best illustrated by Scott Brinker – and we’ve been a big part of the growth of our own sector of this marketplace as brands have increasingly focused their digital investments on improving customer experience, reducing basket abandonment and increasing conversion optimization.

In comparison with our competitors, we believe we offer a unique solution and we our confident that our roadmap will maintain our position of leadership and innovation.

We celebrated our 9th birthday with cake at our last monthly company meeting and whilst it’s great to look back, it’s better to look forward. We remain as excited about our future as we start our tenth year of service as we did at the start of our first.

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