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Everything you need to know about Heatmaps [EBOOK]

Everything You Need To Know About Heatmaps [EBOOK]

Everything you need to know about Heatmaps [EBOOK]

When you’ve invested in a website, then getting people to visit that website – especially if it’s your primary way of doing business – is critically important.

But the story doesn’t end there. What those people actually do on your website is just as important. Can they find what they want? Can they do what they want to do, or do they run into problems? On completing their visit, do they feel satisfied – or disappointed? And how does that feeling affect their overall view of your brand?

Many brands now leverage the power of CRO tools to answer some of these pressing questions and gain deeper, data-driven insights into the customer experience. One of the most popular tools used to break down and make sense of this data are website heatmaps.

Enter, our new ebook: Using Heatmaps for Conversion Rate Optimization – a handy guide to this popular visualization tool available to download now.

What you’ll learn about heatmaps

  • Mouse move heatmap1 resizeDid you know that one of the first times heatmaps were used by a business was on Wall Street? Find out the true origins of heatmaps and how this sparked a heatmap revolution.
  • Understand how your users behave and improve your page design to create a more positive customer experience and maximize your own business opportunities.
  • Scroll heatmap resizeSee how heatmaps work together with other website optimization solutions. This includes tools like session replay, A/B testing, conversion funnels and, of course, our own Customer Struggle Score.
  • Learn how to use heatmaps through real business use cases. Find out how businesses such as E.ON and Deckers utilize heatmaps to gain insight into customer behavior.
  • Mouse click heatmap resizeAlready a heatmap expert? Find out how to use heatmaps on more complex pages, such as single-page applications, by using CSS overlays.
  • Browse our top 20 CRO tips, or use our ebook to explore what tools come next and truly understand your conversion funnels.

“Heatmaps are a great way of getting a snapshot of how visitors interact with key pages on a site. We use them to quickly highlight whether key content is getting missed, whether CTAs are visible, and whether visitors are clicking on areas that are not, in fact, clickable.” – Phil Reay, Head of Insight, SessionCam.

Click below to download your copy.Heatmaps ebook

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