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Reveal the Big Picture on Customer Behavior with SessionCam Integrations: House of Kaizen

Digital marketing performance agency, House of Kaizen, has found SessionCam’s vast choice of partner integrations to be an essential part of creating a complete picture of customer behavior for their clients. The company’s Head of Research, Daniel Gold, reveals what they look for in a customer experience solution to generate actionable insights for clients.

Q. Please provide a brief introduction to House of Kaizen

Daniel: House of Kaizen is a digital marketing performance agency with offices in London and New York. We focus on media, conversion rate optimization and customer experience. Our client base includes leading subscription brands, like The Wall Street Journal and Intel, as well as global health & wellness (e.g. Pfizer) and travel (e.g. STA) businesses.

Q. What typical features do you look for in a quality website optimization tool?

Daniel: As a performance agency, we need to generate actionable insights. Our experience has shown that we can achieve this goal more easily if the research tools we use integrate with each other. For performance reasons, we are also very keen on tools which increase the efficiency of the analysis. Last but not least, reliability and great customer support are a must for any tool we work with.

Q. How do these features benefit your clients?

Daniel: Integration between our research tools enables us to obtain a more complete and unified picture of a client’s audience. It’s like doing a jigsaw – the more puzzle pieces you can combine the more you will understand the full picture. The more complete the picture, the more actionable insights can be derived to boost a clients’ marketing performance.

The need for the complete picture comes naturally also with the demand that research budgets are used efficiently.

Q. In what ways have you seen digital marketing evolve? What online challenges do you face today as a result?

Daniel: The digital marketing space is increasingly driven by three forces: big data, personalization, and programmatic. Big data contributes to a more unified view of a prospect or customer, while personalization allows the delivery of an ideal experience to this person. Programmatic (the use of machine-learning and artificial intelligence) is on the way to becoming the cement of this universe of possibilities, because it increases the efficiency in which insights are generated and applied in a data rich environment. The challenge clients’ face is building a roadmap to embracing these opportunities – not to fall behind within their industries.

Q. How does SessionCam help you to boost client performance?

Daniel: Apart from building in-house big data capabilities, we are also actively looking for research and media tools which tap into machine learning and AI. SessionCam’s CS Score is a great example of the use of machine-learning in research, as it analyzes sessions automatically and guides our researchers towards the most important sessions to watch. With SessionCam’s new machine-learning feature called Error Reporting, it allows for an even quicker analysis of customer struggle data.

Q. How are you using SessionCam integrations to help your clients understand the ‘big picture’?

Daniel: We have just combined SessionCam with the Qualaroo surveying tool, to provide a view on the usability of a B2B healthcare portal. The surveying tool allowed us to ask users about the aim of their visit. With SessionCam, we could later watch each respondent’s session recording. They showed for example that users navigate to certain content pages and exit without reading the content. This, combined with the knowledge of these users’ goals, made a huge different in our analysis, it allowed us to understand that these users were actually looking for ordering functionalities. However, the navigation and site architecture did not guide them to the ordering pages of the healthcare portal.

We also integrate Google Analytics and Omniture with SessionCam in order to allow for a complete picture of audiences. 


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