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How to easily combine Google Analytics with session replay

You can do a lot more with Google Analytics.  Knowing what your website visitors are doing is a good start but you need to know why they’re doing it too. Bringing analytics together with session replay is a simple way to delve deeper into customer behavior and more easily identify bugs and website issues.

Here’s a quick guide to integrating session replay into your Google Analytics workflow:

  1. Add SessionCam to your site using Google Tag Manager. If you’re not using SessionCam yet, sign up for a free starter account nowSessionCam integration screen
  2. Watching session replays straight from Google Analytics lets you see both quantitative and qualitative data in one place. That combines the what from Google Analytics with the why supplied by session replay. Viewing session replays in Google Analytics
  3. Analyze your website traffic from specific campaigns the split your visitors into converters and non-converters. By playing back those sessions, you can see how the two groups interact with campaign content and if they behave differently.SessionCam session replay screenshot
  4. If you integrate Google Analytics with Demandbase, you can identify specific companies’ IP addresses. If you’re targeting those companies, you can the watch their sessions to see how they interacted with your site and incorporate that information into pitches.
  5. Use Google Analytics to analyze exceptions. Set up events to let you know when a JavaScript or form error occurs. You can the view individual sessions to see what triggered a specific issue. Most engaged users in Google Analytics
  6. Take advantage of audience segmentation in Google Analytics. For instance, you could set up a segment of ‘engaged users’ — people who visit more than five times and visited a specific number of pages — then watch those sessions to more closely analyze their behavior.
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