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How to uplift your A/B testing by 15%

Phil Reay, Head of Insight at SessionCam

Phil Reay, Head of Insight, explains how best to use SessionCam to improve the results of your A/B testing.

The problem with A/B testing

Over the last few years, A/B testing has become an established and mature discipline for most e-commerce, online conversion and digital experience teams across most industry sectors.

I am often approached by these teams asking if we can identify why a particular A/B test has failed to deliver the expected improvements.

Often these tests have been targeted using information from analytic systems that identify pages that suffer from high bounce rates or visitor drop-off. And, the tests have been created based on assumptions about what could be causing problems on those pages.

The big problem is that without the benefit of seeing their real users interacting with these pages to observe their behaviour at first hand, it is just guess work that has driven the A/B testing activity. Ultimately, that means the tests fail.

Use Customer Struggle to target A/B testing

The clients that get the most success from SessionCam use our unique Customer Struggle Score to identify the biggest sticking points on their website and then target these areas for improvement with optimizations that are developed and implemented after comprehensive A/B testing.

Use session replay and form analytics to identify potential A/B tests

SessionCam enables you to identify conversion issues as you watch individual recordings at these points of struggle. Understanding user behavior in these moments means you are better able to understand the underlying root causes. In turn, this means you are better able to identify potential solutions that can be A/B tested before full deployment.

Using SessionCam’s form analytics reporting to review field level drop-off is essential too. This is a super fast way to understand exactly where on a website form users drop-off. Finding and testing ways to reduce form drop-off will deliver improvement.

Running tests based on the hard evidence collected from real user sessions intelligently analyzed by SessionCam to pinpoint struggle takes the guesswork out of A/B testing.

Integrate SessionCam with your A/B tool to unlock extra value

I also recommend reviewing your actual tests within SessionCam once they have run.

Although your testing tool will tell you which variant won, it won’t tell you why. Watching the recorded sessions that sit behind the test and the control, it can quickly become obvious that the initial issue has not been resolved and more work is needed.

To do this, you should integrate SessionCam with your A/B testing solution. We already have easy to add integrations with all of the leading tools:

The integrations let you segment SessionCam’s data for individual test variants and to watch recordings of individual sessions that relate to each experiment.

Retail success show the benefits

Over the last few weeks, I’ve helped a leading retailer embed SessionCam into their A/B testing programme and activities.

One project focused on their registration process within the checkout journey and we achieved an improvement of 15% in completion rates on that page by using the approach I’ve outlined.

This compared to a previous test made on the same page (without using SessionCam) that resulted in a lower conversion rate and a 2% increase in the number of customers seeing errors.

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