Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is not only an integral part of customer acquisition, but it’s paramount to customer retention too.

A positive customer experience will cultivate brand advocacy and loyalty, resulting in an increase in both new and returning customers.

Customer experience encompasses the entire customer journey and starts the moment someone first interacts with your business.

In 2019, a website is often the first touchpoint a customer has with a business, making it an incredibly important part of your overall customer experience strategy.

Below, we are going to discuss how you can use the various intuitive features of SessionCam to enhance your customer experience.

Understand customer interaction

Having visibility on how customers interact with your business is fundamental to improving your customer experience.

Our session replay technology allows you to view and analyse visitor interaction against the exact version of your website seen by the customer.

This invaluable data allows you to understand any problems, issues or friction points that are negatively impacting your customer experience. 

Addressing these points should be your first port of call when developing an effective CX strategy.

Customer struggle scoring

A unique feature of SessionCam is our Customer Struggle (CS) score.

CS score is automatically generated by our machine learning algorithm based on user behaviour and website interaction.

Clear visitor frustration will result in a high CS score, whilst a seamless experience will result in a low CS score.

Our interface allows you to sort recording based on CS score, so you’re able to focus on watching recordings where users are struggling the most.

We also have a feature called Struggle Pages which highlights the pages with the highest average Customer Struggle score.

Identify drop-off points and address cart abandonment

Our conversion funnels feature helps to reveal the issues that are costing you the most customers.

Once you’ve inputted each of your website’s customer journeys, SessionCam will identify the journeys are converting worst and highlight points at which customers are dropping off or abandoning.

This feature also links to our core session replay technology, so you can pinpoint exactly what is causing the drop-offs and address them accordingly.

A seamless customer journey will have a hugely positive impact on your overall customer experience.

Expose costly website errors

Website error messages can be very costly to your customer experience optimisation efforts.

SessionCam’s machine learning technology automatically detects errors on your website and calculates the potential loss of revenue that each error is costing you.

For example, one of your website forms may have validation issues that causes difficulties for customer’s entering a certain piece of information.

Our error detection feature will identify this and provide a count of how many times this error is being detected.

Error detection also links with session replay so that you can view the recordings that feature error messages and address the underlying issue.

Case Study used SessionCam to flush out errors and wash away customer experience issues.

As is the case with any eCommerce business, products and promotions are continuously being added and removed from their website.

This can be a major cause of website errors and cause of friction in the user experience.

After noticing a high visitor drop-off following the launch of a new Trade Loyalty Scheme, used our session replay technology and struggle detection to pinpoint the error.

After addressing and rectifying the issue, they quickly saw an increase in conversion rates.

This is just one example where SessionCam has successfully helped businesses to improve their Customer Experience.

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