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Meet our Partner – Smart Panda Labs

As a digital experience consulting agency, Smart Panda Labs specializes in working with organizations that are in the early stages of digital adoption. Their expert team of pandas provides consulting services to help you strategize and plan the digital experience and managed services to direct and optimize your digital tactics.

Over the past 11 years, the agency has helped many mid-market and enterprise teams evolve digital operations and grow their businesses. They partner with your team to pinpoint where you are today and what you can do to better serve customers and optimize digital experiences.

Jessica Porges, Head of Digital Experience Strategy
Jessica Porges, Head of Digital Experience Strategy

We chatted to Jessica Porges, Head of Digital Experience Strategy, to learn more about her work and her approach to optimization.

Tell us more about your role?

Our clients’ customers expect a seamless experience, from the website to the mobile app to an email or an ad. Creating that experience takes several specialists. My role is to ensure that those specialists deliver their elements in a customer-centric way, meeting that seamless expectation throughout the customer’s journey.

Where does SessionCam fit into your offering?

While elements like email and ads play a role, the website is the central component of a significant number of customer experiences. It’s where the customer will make their final decision and take action. SessionCam helps us to understand the barriers to customer decision-making and action so we can remove them.

It’s great because, if used correctly, SessionCam provides insight into experiments and changes that drive incremental revenue without additional spend. Often it can help reduce costs and increase profitability.

What kind of issues have you identified through the use of SessionCam?

In a word, frustration. It makes it very easy to see the areas of a site where people are having a hard time. Our clients are usually so close to their sites, their products, their services, etc., that it is hard for them to see the confusion that often exists. We have seen issues with page layout, lack of visual cues, confusion about using online tools, and much more.

What kind of business benefit has SessionCam helped deliver?

SessionCam provides an objective way to see customer pain points, both on a high level and an individual basis. It shines a light on what we need to address to improve the experience. Now we know where to focus optimization efforts, which means experiments can be better prioritized, ultimately leading to more significant business impacts.

Time and resources are finite, so there is a significant upside to knowing where best to direct them, both in near-term results and in the bottom line.

Not quite sure where your organization is with digital adoption today?

Smart Panda Labs has a helpful 10-question quiz to help you uncover areas of strength and opportunity in your digital experience and give you suggestions to reach the next level. Take their digital maturity quiz today to find out!

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