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Using Heatmaps for Conversion Rate Optimization

Discover how heatmaps can help maximize your website’s effectiveness

Rod Stewart didn’t need a heatmap to tell him that the changes he was making to his hairdo weren’t actually improving his overall strategy. Every picture tells a story but it may not tell you something useful.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Ways to resist the temptation to boil your data down to two dimensions
  • The right way to use heatmaps to support your existing analytical data
  • How EON, Deckers and other industry influencers use heatmaps to make sense of visitor behavior
  • 20 easy ways to increase your conversion rates right now
  • Already an expert? Find out how to use heatmaps on more complex pages, such as single-page applications, by using CSS overlays.


SessionCam & Google Analytics (webinar)

How to use SessionCam’s session replay feature with Google Analytics to supercharge consumer insights


SessionCam & Maximiser (webinar)

How to use SessionCam and Oracle Maxymiser to inform your A/B testing strategy and improve the customer experience.


Masterclass: How to convert your website visitors in customers (webinar)

Produced with Clickz and featuring Subway and SessionCam, this webinar was designed to provide an in-depth review of the latest tools, tips, and technologies to maximize your conversion rate including:

  • The CRO tactics that work and those to ignore
  • The role of machine learning in identifying roadblocks
  • Tracking the metrics that matter
  • Insights from Chad Sanderson about his CRO and A/B testing tactics

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