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Session Replay

Watch recordings of user behavior

Watch how users interact with your website using session replay to see mouse movement, clicks, form input, scrolling and mobile gestures against an exact version of the page design and content seen by each user at the exact moment they used your website.

SessionCam records beautifully across desktop and mobile devices, Angular JS, Ajax and responsive website designs.

Use session replay to understand the problems, issues and errors that need to be optimized to improve website conversion and customer experience.

Filter and segment recordings

SessionCam includes a comprehensive set of filters to segment website recordings into areas of high interest.

Using our unique machine learning algorithm for Struggle Detection, you can quickly focus on watching recordings where users struggle the most to identify the website optimizations you need to make to improve conversion and customer experience.


Integrate with GA and Adobe Analytics

Session replay is a core tool for website optimization and is available within each area of SessionCam.

Watch replays of users that drop-off your conversion funnels and forms and see how users generate the most frequent and expensive errors that are reported in our error reporting. 

SessionCam also integrates with 3rd party solutions like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics so you watch recordings from within these products as well.

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