SessionCam for Marketing and E-commerce Teams

Delivering digital experiences that attract and convert customers is the responsibility of marketing and e-commerce teams across the world. Dedicated resources focusing on acquisition and conversion (CRO) are used to continually optimize and improve key journeys and conversion funnels, reducing abandonment and maximizing revenue conversion.

Numerous tools exist to address these challenges. Web analytics, A/B testing and customer assistance tools like live chat are commonplace within the solution stack deployed by most companies.

SessionCam complements these existing solutions and helps marketing and e-commerce teams achieve greater levels of success by providing unique functions, such as:

Session replay, to show the actual website experience delivered for an individual website visitor.

● Detecting and measuring customer struggle across a website and ranking the web pages most in need of optimization by using unique and innovative machine learning algorithms.

● Offering detailed field-level reporting of abandonment across high-value conversion funnels, linked to session replay to provide examples of customers dropping off so that the underlying reasons for exit can be understood and addressed.

● Providing heatmaps for mouse, click/tap, page scrolling and browser attention that aggregate and visualize behaviour so that issues with individual web page design, layout and usability can be easily seen and understood.

● Measuring and reporting the conversion metrics associated with content zones and links on every page so that the commercial success of each element with a page can be understood.

● Counting the most the most frequently occurring website errors without any custom coding and then using session replay to show examples of customers encountering those errors, so that improvements that reduce the error rate can be identified and conversion increased.

With integrations to the most common web analytic and A/B testing products, SessionCam completes the suite of tools needed by growing brands of all sizes to consistently deliver success.

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