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SessionCam Insights: Top ten things that can negatively affect your conversion rates

SessionCam Insights: Top Ten Things That Can Negatively Affect Your Conversion Rates

SessionCam Insights: Top ten things that can negatively affect your conversion rates

Developing and maintaining a good conversion rate is an important part of running a successful ecommerce site. If your current conversion rate is a little low, or if you just feel that there’s room for improvement, there are a number of steps you can take to retain your customers throughout the payment process and boost your bottom line.

However, before you can improve your conversion rate, you need to understand what might be going wrong. To help you spot the errors on your ecommerce site, we’re taking a look at the top ten things that can negatively affect your conversion rate.

1. Layout

The layout of your website is incredibly important when it comes to conversion rates. According to our research, ecommerce sites with a clear, uncluttered layout saw funnel conversion rates around 4.3% higher than websites whose design was messy, difficult to navigate and unattractive. Investing in professional design for your ecommerce site could therefore help to boost your conversion rate and increase your profits.

2. Number of pages at checkout

Customers buying products online want the experience to be as quick and easy as possible. Unless they’re determined to buy a product or service, customers can easily be put off by websites that are too complicated, too slow or too fiddly.

One thing that has a big impact on your conversion rate is the number of pages you ask customers to click through when they’re trying to check out. On average, sites that had a simple, one-page checkout had a funnel conversion rate of 46%. Ecommerce sites with multi-page checkouts saw conversion rates that were an average of 2.8% lower, with just 43.2% of customers completing their purchase.

3. Review step

Once a customer has made the decision to buy, you need to get them to the checkout and out the other side as quickly as possible. However, a lot of ecommerce sites offer customers a dedicated review page before they complete their purchase. At this stage, businesses that had a review step saw a drop-off rate of around 15.8%.

A review step gives customers an unnecessary opportunity to question their decision and put their purchase on hold. Removing this part of the process from your ecommerce site could help to boost your conversion rate.

4. Login step

Although asking customers to login may make it easier for you to track their buying behaviour, it may also put some buyers off completing their purchase. Ecommerce sites that have a dedicated login page have an average conversion rate 1% lower than those that don’t. Instead of asking customers to login, consider using a forced overlay or an optional CTA on the checkout page instead.

5. Incorrect address field

When it comes to putting in their details, you want life to be as easy as possible for your time-short customers. Installing an automatic address finder on your checkout page could help to boost your funnel conversion rate by as much as 12%. However, if this field is incorrectly installed or managed, it could actually put off your customers and increase your drop-off rate.

Make sure that your address verification system offers customers suggestions once they’ve entered their postcode. This speeds up the process and helps move them along to the next stage of the checkout.

6. Payment options

Again, convenience is key when it comes to payment options. Even if they’re keen to make a purchase, a lot of buyers will be put off if they have to go and get a credit card and enter their details. If you don’t yet have PayPal as an option on your checkout page, installing the payment service could have a big impact on your conversion rates.

Sites that don’t offer PayPal have drop-off rates three times greater than those that do. So even though you’ll have to give a small percentage of each payment to PayPal, having it available to your customers could still help to boost your profits.

7. Devices

These days, more and more people are using mobile devices to shop online. The type of device that your shoppers are using can have a surprisingly big impact on your conversion rate, so it’s important to be aware of how your buyers are browsing and what you can do to keep them interested.

The device with the best conversion rate is the desktop computer. On average, 37.9% of customers using a desktop followed a purchase through to completion. This was followed by tablet computers, which had an average conversion rate of 35.2%.

Shoppers using smart phones, however, are considerably less likely to complete their purchases. The conversion rate for mobile users is just 28%. Improving the functionality of your ecommerce site for smart phone users could boost this rate and help convert more of your mobile browsers into buyers.

8. Difficult communication

Communication is very important to buyers who are in the middle of a purchasing decision. If you don’t have live customer service agents available for buyers to talk to, it could be putting them off just at the crucial moment. On average, ecommerce sites with a Live Chat function have a conversion rate 1.2% higher than those without. Boosting your communication and customer services could therefore have an impact on your bottom line.

9. Large font sizes

It may sound obvious, but if customers struggle to read and navigate your site, they’re much less likely to make a purchase. Having large font sizes for your fields and their labels can help to increase your funnel conversion rate by as much as 2%, giving you a great return for virtually no investment.

10. Cart editing

Last but not least, customers are likely to be put off sites if they’re unable to edit their shopping cart. According to our research, the ability to edit a shopping cart quickly and easily can boost conversion rates by as much as 0.8%.

Find out more about boosting your conversion rate and retaining your customers by getting in touch with a member of our expert team today.

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