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SessionCam Pushes Machine-Learning to the Next Level with Error Reporting

The latest update to our machine-learning algorithm automatically exposes all error messages - as well as their frequency - making error detection 90% faster.

We’re excited to announce the release of our new Error Reporting tool, which pushes machine-learning and customer behavioral analysis to the next level.

Driven by our flagship machine-learning algorithm, the CS Score, this game-changing feature provides quick and easy access to error messages that are having the biggest impact on your customer’s path to purchase.

“We found that investigating and tracking error messages was a very time-consuming and manual exercise for our clients,” says Richard Churchill, Chief Product Officer.

“As part of our mission to continuously develop features which address these types of business-critical issues, we started exploring the impact on customer behavior when a client gets an error message by using data collected by our machine-learning algorithm, the CS Score.”

SessionCam’s automated approach to error collection solves these issues while exposing a wide breadth of messages that you may not know existed – all with zero effort.

Immediate detection and exposure

Out-of-the-box as part of SessionCam’s enterprise offering, Error Reporting automatically collects and exposes the biggest range of error types with speed and precision so that you can focus on fixing them as quickly as possible.

It does this without having to configure any changes to the SessionCam tag or add any extra code to your website.

You can use the tool to view HTML, validation, form and HTTP* errors, as well as business rule errors which have deliberately been put in place to stop an order being placed.

Richard further explains: “We’re really excited about this feature because it’s the first time we’ve been able to expose error messaging activity on a website in such an easy and accessible way. Much like our CS Score uses behavioral cues to determine whether a customer is struggling or not, Error Reporting places a magnifying glass over your forms and other error messages so that you can monitor and take action against specific error trends over time.

“You then only need to watch just two or three session recordings to pinpoint the issue and begin taking the steps to resolve it – a time-saving of 90% based on existing methods of error analysis.”

Don’t let errors hold your website back

Designed to give you the valuable data you need to investigate the cause and effect of struggle when there is an error message, Error Reporting from SessionCam is currently uncomparable with any other product on the market.

It lets your business place an immediate focus on UX improvements, giving you a welcome operational efficiency boost.

Stay in-the-know and keep your business on top of potential barriers to conversion with this incredibly valuable and visual answer to pinpointing the errors that are holding you back.    

Have any feedback on this new feature of SessionCam? As always, do tell us about your experience in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

SessionCam’s Error Reporting tool is now available to all enterprise customers. Click here to view our plans or request a demo.

*We can only detect HTTP errors if captured as part of your page recordings.

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