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The magic of web site recording and session replay

The Magic Of Web Site Recording And Session Replay

The magic of web site recording and session replay

SessionCam is a cloud-based solution for recording web site activity and includes a powerful feature to replay customer visits to a web site. Replay shows every page that has been visited including the content and images; the user’s mouse movements and data entry and any page scrolling.

We never fail to get excited when we show a new client their first true customer recorded session being replayed using SessionCam. Often it’s the first time that the client has been able to watch their customers really using their web site away from the controlled environments provided by usability labs. It’s like watching a video of their interaction and behaviour.

Typically, within the first few sessions that are replayed, our clients will start commenting on how different their user’s real online behaviour is in comparison to their original expectations.

It never fails to impress on us the value of seeing real customer behaviour during an actual visit to a web site. Often, we see that replaying a recorded web session can fundamentally destroy incorrect assumptions about how users are expected to interact with an online service.

Having looked at some early sessions, our clients will quickly step-up to using session replay to investigate known or perceived customer experience issues. These may be focused on a specific page where web analytic data is highlighting drop-off or a visit from an individual customer where a problem has been reported.

In either situation, inspecting recorded sessions quickly shows exactly what happened and enables a fuller understanding of both the “what” and the “why”. Replay is also a great way of sharing real examples of customer issues between teams in Marketing, Analytics and IT and reduces the time taken to replicate reported problems.

Our own experiences on the value of using session replay have been confirmed this month in a new report from Econsultancy showing that marketers consider it be most effective method for identifying customer experience issues and reducing the impact on the customer. We’re delighted to read that.

If you want to understand more about SessionCam and how it can be used to find usability issues, improve conversion and reduce costs associated with customer support, please reach out to us. We love sharing our experiences and would be very happy to chat about how to get the most value from session replay.

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