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Using website heatmaps to understand how users are browsing and navigating your site

heatmapWebsite heatmaps are a great way of analysing the behaviour of visitors on your site and can be used to improve page design, usability, and as a result, increase conversion rates. They can often provide richer insight than traditional web analytics alone, by showing you what content, navigation and links on each page are being most effectively used by visitors.

Visual, aggregated view of user behaviour

In basic terms a website heatmap is a visual, aggregated view of particular user behaviour on your site. They use different colours to show varying levels of activity on a page and ‘hotspots’ of the most concentrated activity.

Mouse movement and click heatmaps

Using a combination of mouse movement and click heatmaps, which show you an aggregated view of both mouse movement and click activity across the page, you can build up a good picture of how users are browsing and navigating content and products throughout your site.

In particular they can highlight how effective the current page layout and design is working, what navigation, search or filtering tools and links are most commonly used on each page and what content is actually being seen and used by visitors.

Segmenting heatmaps

A good website heatmap tool will also allow you to segment the data by different user groups, including users of different browsers and device types, as well as by particular user activity, i.e. users that drop-off at a particular points in the user journey or those that convert to sale. Used alongside other web analytic tools like session replay they can be very effective at uncovering usability issues throughout the site and improving both page design and sales conversion rates.


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