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The easiest way to solve your website conversion problems

SessionCam uses a unique, patent-pending, machine learning algorithm to automatically measure customer struggle within your website. This helps prioritize the pages that need optimization and then shows you real customers experiencing issues on these pages. SessionCam greatly simplifies the process and reduces the time and cost involved in finding website problems and working out which issues need to be fixed first.

Super-fast RoI

SessionCam is a cloud based Software-as-a-Service solution delivered via a single JavaScript tag.  Implementation is easy and there is no hardware or software to install on site. Once deployed, SessionCam will immediately start to help you find issues with your website that are affecting sales conversion and causing abandonment. Solving these problems generates a super-fast return on your investment.

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Session Replay

Stunning session replay

SessionCam provides the most accurate replay of browser-based customer interaction recorded from your website, showing mouse movement, clicks, form input, page scrolling, mobile gestures and dynamic Ajax interaction. SessionCam maintains a perfect version of the individual page design and content as seen by the user at the time of use.

Comprehensive, intuitive reporting

SessionCam includes a comprehensive suite of reports that let you aggregate, segment, visualize and analyze user activity and conversion. All reports link to recorded sessions so you can watch relevant recordings of real user behaviour.

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Google Analytics Integration

Value-added integrations

SessionCam fits beautifully into your existing solutions, by integrating tightly with 3rd party tools for web analytics, MVT testing, Voice of the Customer and Web Chat. Custom variables, such as MVT test codes, can be passed into SessionCam and SessionCam can be integrated with traditional web analytics solutions like Google Analytics to provide a direct link to each recorded session. SessionCam also includes an API that provides a real-time data feed of customer activity recorded from your website.

Excellent customer support and expert consultancy

We want to make sure that you get the maximum value from using our solution. Our service starts with our Customer Success team who help you through implementation and then remain available to provide day-to-day assistance. We can also provide you with expert UX/CRO consultants to work with you to review the data recorded by SessionCam and provide high value insight that can transform the effectiveness of your website.

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