Why SessionCam?

A proven solution with excellent support and a fast RoI

A unique, innovative and proven solution

SessionCam provides a unique set of essential tools for website optimization beautifully wrapped up in a layer of machine learning intelligence that continually works to find the most important problems for you to fix.

We started developing SessionCam in 2009 which means, today, we are one of the oldest and most mature session replay providers in the world.

Working closely with our customers, we have an exciting product roadmap and we will continue to be the leading innovator within our marketplace.

Compare SessionCam with other vendors in the marketplace.

Delivered with pro-active service focused on your success

We support the delivery of our solution with our Customer Success team that provide support to help you through set-up, implementation, training and day-to-day use.

We assign a named Account Manager to every customer to ensure we deliver against your business goals and that we achieve a return on your investment with SessionCam.

We can also provide expert UX and CRO consultancy to supplement your own in-house resources and expertise.

Free trial to evidence our fast RoI

Once deployed, SessionCam’s machine intelligence quickly learns about the user behaviour on your website and automatically starts to identify where your customers are struggling and the most valuable issues for you to fix first.

We  quickly find high value problems that provide a return on your investment with SessionCam. Check our our case studies to learn more on some of the successes we’ve delivered.

To prove our value, we happily offer a “no strings” free trial so you can properly evaluate SessionCam for yourself.

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