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Essential tools for CRO and UX

Watch recordings of user interaction and behavior to evidence actual experience and identify the root cause of website problems. Focus on watching the most valuable recordings first based on our unique Customer Struggle Score; automatically calculated using with sophisticated machine learning algorithm.

Visualize aggregated user behavior with mouse, click, page scrolling and browser attention heatmaps and understand the performance and effectiveness of every link and content zone within your web pages.

Quickly identify where visitors drop off and abandon on the conversion funnels within your website.

Understand detailed field-level interaction on your website forms and pin-point exactly where users exit.

Discover the actual paths your visitors actually take through your website.

Track the error rate for each of your website error messages and identify those that drive the most abandonment.

Detect where customers struggle the most on your website using our uniquely innovative machine learning algorithms.

Review opportunities to improve your website automatically identified for you based on over 10,000 daily checks of your website.

Built for teams across the business

Delivering stunning success


Arriva generated a 96.6% uplift in conversions year-on-year with SessionCam.


Ageas Retail Partnerships achieved a 2,700% return on their investment in SessionCam.


Within 3 months, giffgaff identified and fixed a bug that resulted in a 300% ROI.

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