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SessionCam is used daily by digital experience teams within mid-market and enterprise sized companies; primarily in E-commerce, Retail and Financial Services.

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Features include

Use session replay to understand the problems, issues and errors that need to be optimized to improve website conversion and customer experience.
Heatmaps show you how visitors interact with your website. Use this aggregated data to see how segments of your visitors behave and gain insights that improve the user experience.
Easily pinpoint your website’s most valuable paths to conversion and identify pages where visitors drop off or exhibit cart abandonment.
Investigate the reasons that visitors drop off your forms to reduce basket abandonment
Key Journeys makes discovering patterns in your website traffic effortless. It automatically detects and compares visitor routes through your site to identify your most profitable paths to purchase.
You don’t have time to tag every type of error that visitors encounter. SessionCam exposes your most costly error messages impacting the user experience.
Find out where your users struggle the most with the help of our unique machine learning algorithms.

Automatically analyze your website traffic for significant changes and see a daily list of opportunities to improve.

Delivering stunning success


Arriva generated a 96.6% uplift in conversions year-on-year with SessionCam.


Ageas Retail Partnerships enjoyed a dramatic 2,700% return on their investment in SessionCam.


Within 3 months of using SessionCam, giffgaff identified and fixed a bug that resulted in a 300% ROI.

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