Turbocharge your website optimization

Use session replay to evidence real user behavior.
Intelligently trigger replays for your highest value sessions only; based on customer struggle, abandonment and errors.
Understand your customers better with our heatmaps, funnels, form analytics and error reporting.
Monitor your site with over 10,000 daily checks driven by our unique algorithms that find and prioritize opportunities to improve.

SessionCam is used daily by digital experience teams within mid-market and enterprise sized companies; primarily in E-commerce, Retail and Financial Services.

Features include

  • Session Replay

    Watch how users interact with your website to understand behavior and easily identify customer experience issues

  • Heatmaps

    Create heatmaps for mouse movement, clicks/taps, page scrolling and attention to find issues with your web page design

  • Conversion Funnels

    Build your conversion funnels and
    analyze every step in your process to find out where and when visitors abandon

  • Form Analytics

    Measure where visitors drop off your website forms and watch sessions replays to understand why

  • Customer Journey Mapping

    Automatically reveal the most popular and important customer journeys taken by your website visitors

  • Error Detection

    Automatically identify the most frequent and costly error messages encountered by your website visitors

  • Struggle Detection

    Find out where your users struggle the most with our unique machine learning algorithms

  • Anomaly Detection

    Review an automatically generated daily list of opportunities for improvement that saves you time investigating what to do

Integrates with your existing tools

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  • Tag Management

  • Web Analytics

  • A/B Testing

  • Voice of the Customer

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