Customer Experience Analytics

Understand visitor behavior

Get a greater understanding of your customers. Watch exactly how they interact with your website and gain valuable insights on how to improve their online experience, resulting in happier customers and increased revenue.

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Why Choose SessionCam?

Stunning session recordings

SessionCam provides the most accurate recordings of browser-based customer interactions, so you can replay every mouse movement, click and mobile gesture – all from a single tag.

Bring your data to life

Turn your analytics data into true insights. Watch real people as they interact with your website and gain a deeper understanding of the issues they encounter.


Return on Investment

SessionCam rapidly identifies usability issues with your website that are impacting conversion and causing customer abandonment. Solving these problems generates a super-fast return on your investment.

What they say about us

“SessionCam is a great product backed up by excellent service. I’ve never seen a digital marketing technology deliver such a fast return on investment.”

Boyden Manns, Endsleigh Insurance

"Showing stakeholders clear evidence of users experiencing problems can be a powerful tool in persuading them to recognize and address issues. SessionCam meets the need for a tool that provides this data in a much more dynamic, cost-effective way…."

Review of SessionCam: User Observation 2.0, Peter Hornsby - UXmatters

"SessionCam has helped us to really understand how users interact with new features and products on our website. These insights have meant we can quickly identify problems and minimize any impact on our customers. "

Eric Heimann, National General Insurance


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