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SessionCam provides an essential suite of tools that reveal user behavior and show you the most important problems to fix.

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Features include

  • Session Replay

    Watch how users interact with your website to easily identify usability and customer experience issues

  • Heatmaps

    Aggregate user activity to create stunning visualizations of behavior to assess the effectiveness of each web page

  • Conversion Funnels

    Analyze the steps leading up to a sale to understand where visitors drop off

  • Form Analytics

    Understand drop off within your website forms and investigate the reasons why

  • Customer Journey Mapping

    Automatically reveal your most popular and important customer journeys

  • Error Reporting

    Your most frequent and costly errors that destroy customer experience and conversion

  • Struggle Detection

    Find out where your users struggle the most with the help of our unique machine learning algorithms

  • Anomaly Detection

    Automatically analyze your website traffic for significant changes and see a daily list of opportunities to improve

Integrates with your existing tools

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  • Tag Management

  • Web Analytics

  • A/B Testing

  • Voice of the Customer

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