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Our History

We created SessionCam in 2009 with the simple aim of building the world’s best session replay solution.

The first version of our cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution focused on session replay – recording user behavior on a website and then replaying that experience. Over time, we enhanced and developed this feature to support Angular JS, Ajax-enabled websites, mobile devices and responsive websites.

We also built new functionality for heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analytics, alerts and an API.

In 2016, we were the first vendor in our marketplace to introduce machine learning algorithms to automatically measure customer struggle within the customer journey data we record and use this as a means of prioritizing which sessions you should watch.

In 2017, we enhanced the layer of intelligence we offer around our core optimization tools by introducing new capabilities for automatically mapping customer journeys and detecting website errors.

In 2018, we introduced an “opportunities” engine that automatically identifies anomalies in your website traffic and user behavior that need your attention; prioritized by the associated “lost” revenue.

We remain committed to investing in our product development and we have an exciting road map for 2019 and beyond.

SessionCam Today

In terms of our marketplace, SessionCam is now one of the oldest and most mature solutions available which means we are one of the world’s most experienced vendors.

We are proud to have been accredited for ISO 27001 for our information security management framework.

We work with mid-market to enterprise sized brands; mostly in E-commerce, Retail and Financial Services across the UK, Europe and North America

Our clients use SessionCam to quickly and easily identify and solve their website conversion problems by being able to accurately visualize customer behavior. SessionCam delivers success by generating a fast and recurring return on investment (RoI) by improving website usability, increasing conversion rates and reducing customer abandonment.

A typical SessionCam client will increase their conversion by over 55% over 3 years. 

We provide full support for the implementation and day-to-day operation of SessionCam through our Customer Success team. We manage a lively community of users and provide regular emails and webinars to share details of new releases and best practice use cases. We run annual user meet-ups and conferences in the UK and US where we share customer success stories, our company plans and our product road map.

We are experts in our field and we are regularly invited to present at industry events and attend hackathons. We author blogs on topics related to analytics, usability and conversion optimisation and share our research data.

We have our own on-house consultancy team providing expert UX/CRO consultancy and advice to clients that choose to supplement their own in-house resources.

Our Company

SessionCam Ltd is a privately held company with over 85 staff organised across the following functions:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Success
  • Engineering
  • Finance & Operations.

We are based in Norwich; the eastern hub of the UK’s Tech City corridor – Europe’s fastest-growing tech cluster.

Blog Entries

User Meet-ups Review – October/November 2019

We’ve just finished our latest round of user meet-ups with day-long events in Chicago, Manchester and London. That’s 3 different cities on 2 different continents in just over 10 days. And, almost 8,500 miles travelled using planes, trains and automobiles.

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Our Management Team

Kevin Goodings - SessionCam CEO

Kevin Goodings

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Yallop - Chief Revenue Officer

Paul Yallop

Chief Revenue Officer

Richard Churchill - Chief Product Officer

Richard Churchill

Chief Technology Officer

Steve Genders - Director of Finance and Operations

Steve Genders

Director of Finance and Operations

Huw Edwards Director of Customer Success

Huw Edwards

Director of Customer Success

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