We created SessionCam in 2009 with the simple aim of building the world’s best session replay solution and the first version of our product focused completely on recording customer interaction on a website and then replaying that interaction.

Over the years, we have enhanced and developed this session replay capability to include full support for Ajax-enabled dynamic web pages, mobile devices and responsive websites.

We have also built new functionality for heatmaps, conversion funnels, form analytics, alerts and an API.


SessionCam is now one of the oldest and most mature solutions available in the market which means we are one of the world’s most experienced vendors.

Reflecting on our progress, we believe we have achieved our original goal and whilst we plan to continue evolving our current feature set, we have given ourselves a new mission.

Our aim now is to provide the easiest way for you to solve your website conversion problems.

In 2016, we introduced a unique, machine-learning algorithm that automatically identifies customer struggle from the data we record. This is a transformational change in the marketplace that greatly simplifies the process of finding website issues and prioritising which issues need to be fixed first.

Previously, you would have to segment the data collected and watch countless recorded sessions to find problems with your website. Now, using SessionCam, you easily see a prioritized list of pages on your website where customers have struggled the most and can jump straight in to watch recordings of individual users encountering problems at these points.

By using this approach, we have reduced the level of expertise, time and cost required to find UX/CRO issues within a website.


We are extremely proud to work with market leading brands across the world such as Abercrombie and Fitch, BT, Experian, First American, Sky and SuperDry.

We generate a fast and recurring ROI for our clients by helping them improve the usability of their websites, increasing their conversion rates and improving their levels of customer satisfaction.


SessionCam is a cloud-based SaaS solution that has been developed by our own in-house engineering team. As part of our service, we provide full support for the implementation and on-going use of SessionCam through our Customer Success team and UX/CRO expert consultants.

SessionCam is a privately held company with over 85 staff. We are headquartered in Norwich; the eastern hub of the UK’s Tech City corridor – Europe’s fastest-growing tech cluster.


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