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Daily insights into visitor behavior delivered to you automatically

Opportunities hunts through your funnels and Customer Journey Mapping data, analyzing your traffic to show you changes that affect your conversion rates

Your eagle-eyed conversion assistant

Opportunities scans your data for important changes in your visitor journeys by comparing 7-day and 30-day trends in your website’s traffic data.

Flip a tile over to uncover detailed information on the visitor behavior affecting your conversion rates, saving time so your team can focus on the things they should be fixing.

SessionCam’s algorithm prioritizes issues according to the amount of revenue at risk associated with them and links them to recordings that highlight concerns using the Customer Struggle score.

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Opportunities does the work of 48 full time analysts

  • 10,570 daily checks

  • 2 minutes per human

  • Equivalent to 48 analysts

Your Opportunities tiles are fully customizable

Want to see how your website errors are affecting your conversion rates? Filter your Opportunities to focus your efforts. If you have different teams dedicated to different aspects of site performance or functionality, they can instantly jump to the issues that matter most to them.

As issues are fixed, tiles disappear automatically. And if a tile is getting on your nerves you can send it away. If the problem persists, it’ll come back after 30 days.

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