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How Experian increased sign ups 6% using SessionCam’s Adobe Target integration

Hidden in plain sight

Sometimes the answer can be hidden in plain sight. For Experian, this was the case when investigating high drop off from its order page.

“When we started to really focus on optimizing individual pages on our site, SessionCam quickly proved its value,” says Aliur Rahman, Head of Digital Optimization & Personalization Delivery.

“I worked closely with SessionCam to deliver a structured training program to make our usage more self-service for a number of departments. A big part of that initiative was to integrate SessionCam with our existing tools, like Google Analytics and Adobe Target.”

Order page optimization strategy

Using SessionCam’s bi-directional integration, Experian was able to watch session replays straight from the segments created in Adobe Target to evidence the drop off issue.

“Session replay showed a hidden field in the address form field that kept re-looping visitors into an error that prevented them from continuing. The issue was so specific that it wasn’t picked up in QA testing. So we made some changes in the back end that resulted in a 6.6% increase in visitors progressing to the next stage in the funnel,” Aliur explains.

To sweeten the deal, this also reduced the number of frustrated visitors who were ringing the call center, freeing up call center agents to focus on other key issues, saving the company time and money.

With a form free of errors, Experian had created a simplified order page design that reduced form entry time.

“Working closely with SessionCam has been fantastic. It’s improved the awareness of just how versatile the solution is how different features can optimize the customer experience across multiple touchpoints,” he concludes.

"With a form free of errors, Experian had created a simplified order page design that reduced form entry time."

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