GoCompare Case Study

How GoCompare uses SessionCam to identify the website errors costing them money

Understanding visitor buying habits

SessionCam and it’s Google Analytics integration helps GoCompare to understand the buying habits of its website visitors to increase conversion rates. 

“Our website needs to guide visitors to purchase the product that’s right for them. Watching session replays is a great way to see the frustrations they encounter,” says Holly Niblett, Product Manager at GoCompare.com.

GoCompare reduces time spent finding and diagnosing these frustrations thanks to the Customer Struggle score.

“We no longer have to trawl through session after session to identify problems. The Customer Struggle score automatically brings issues to our attention.”

Gaining back lost revenue

Using SessionCam Error Reporting, GoCompare identified an error preventing visitors from entering a postcode for a second policyholder in a joint life insurance policy. “This critical bug was leading to abandoned sessions and losing the company revenue,” outlines Holly.

With the root cause of this customer drop-off issue pinned down after watching just a few sessions, the development team quickly fixed the bug. Conversion rates then skyrocketed for this journey.

Holly expands: “I now focus my time on reviewing the session replays identified by the Customer Struggle score. It’s a huge time saver and I can focus on more strategic matters.”

“SessionCam is a great way to see what obstacles visitors encounter so that we can reduce visitor drop-off and increase the number of visitors who go on to purchase the product that’s right for them.”

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