Customer feedback used to improve the customer experience and website conversion at Sun Country Airlines

Ryan Blood

Ryan Blood

Data Analyst, Sun Country Airline

Ryan uses SessionCam every day to investigate customer feedback and identify website improvements.

Sun Country Airlines

Sun Country Airlines was established in 1982 and is based in the twin cities of Minnesota, USA.

Operating a fleet of 25 aircraft, Sun Country Airlines offers flights to 70 destinations throughout the Caribbean, United States, Mexico and Costa Rica.

The Sun Country Airlines website is a key part of the customer journey for booking flights, checking-in and reviewing flight status.

Listening to customers to learn what needs to improve

Ryan Blood is the Data Analyst at Sun Country Airlines with responsibility for reporting the website activity and identifying opportunities for improvement. Ryan works closely with each of the Product Managers responsible for individual customer journeys within the website.

Ryan has found an effective approach to optimizing and improving the Sun Country Airlines website is to use customer feedback to identify issues.

Ryan explains more “We carefully review the customer feedback collected from Medallia. We then use SessionCam to watch replays of the experience delivered for every customer that describes a problem or a negative experience. As we start to understand their issue, we watch another 5 – 20 replays to understand how other customers have been impacted. We’ll then work out what we need to change on our website to improve”.

Change driven by customer feedback delivers significant increases in conversion and revenues

Using SessionCam to fully understand negative website experience that has been highlighted by customers has proved a very effective approach for Sun Country Airlines. Ryan said “It works really well for us, and we’ve made many successful improvements to our website”.

Ryan explained further “One example related to a drop in conversion. We could see there was a problem from the reporting in Google Analytics but we couldn’t see where or what was causing it. Using SessionCam we found the problem which turned out to be related to some conditional logic that was stopping customers from progressing. We fixed the problem and it resulted in a significant increase in conversion and revenues”.

In closing, Ryan commented “I’ve been pleased with the results we’ve achieved from using SessionCam. It’s a great solution and the support and service that go with it has been excellent”.

“It’s a great solution and the support and service that go with it has been excellent.”

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