Trade Direct Insurance - Case Study

How Trade Direct Insurance increased customer satisfaction with faster issue resolution

About our Client

Trade Direct Insurance Services needed a method of solving customer complaints quickly that didn’t rely on guesswork.

“I’d used SessionCam in my previous role. I knew the product well. It’s easy to implement, it’s very secure, it’s priced appropriately and the support is good. I didn’t need to look at other solutions. SessionCam met the company’s regulatory obligations” — Ed Longley, Group Head of Ecommerce.

Changing page design to increase conversion rates

Using a combination of heatmap and session replay analysis, Trade Direct Insurance unearthed some unusual behaviors in a quotation journey causing visitors to drop off. “Observing long dwell times and excessive page scrolling, we discovered that visitors were struggling to locate their quote, even though it was positioned at the top of the page,” Ed expands.

“Changing the page design increased conversions. Without SessionCam, this would have been virtually impossible to find.”

Trade Direct Insurance watches session replays sorted by the Customer Struggle score to differentiate between technical website issues and usability issues.

“SessionCam reveals to us why customers drop out of the quote and buy funnel. We check the policy wording they saw was accurate, spot form errors and look at ways to improve the page layout across different devices,” says Ed.

“SessionCam helps us to compete effectively against bigger brands with deeper pockets. It lets us make the best use of the traffic that comes to our website, regardless of platform.”

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