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How Machine-Learning Science Can Diagnose and Solve Website Conversion-Rate Problems

SessionCam CS Score

Here at SessionCam, we recently introduced a brand-new CRO tool: The Customer Struggle Score (CS Score). Leveraging the power of machine-learning technology, it helps users spot areas where online customers are struggling through the conversion process by analyzing common problem areas on a website and then reporting them back to users. Think of it like having a team of experts analyzing and correlating your website conversion data 24/7.

But it gets better: With the help of CS Score, you not only save time digging through session replays and analyzing heatmaps, but thanks to an automatically generated report, you can diagnose and fix website conversion funnels faster than ever before. That means less time spent looking for areas of improvement and more time for you to work with your happy customers.

Let’s look at the tool in greater detail, as well as a few use cases in which our clients are already seeing impressive results.

How CS Score Works

For many years, session replay solutions have provided in-depth data about real customer behavior by helping spot problem areas on a website.

But current approaches are time-consuming, requiring skilled analysts to study hundreds of visitor sessions to pinpoint what is getting in the way of a customer’s interaction with the website. SessionCam CS Score works in the background, analyzing thousands of customer sessions around the clock to identify and highlight behavior that indicates common problems with a website’s usability.

The patent-pending CS Score algorithm applies machine-learning science, and is efficient at identifying which sessions an analyst should review — saving hours of time to deliver vastly improved efficiency. Even better: This resource is available to all paid SessionCam account holders.

Using CS Score, website administrators can:

  • Identify key website issues automatically
  • Save significant time and effort identifying conversion issues
  • Track CS Score changes over time to measure the impact of your changes
  • See issues prioritized based on importance to tackle issues in a logical order
  • Filter heatmaps, funnels, and recordings by CS Score
  • Use the resource across various platforms – no set-up required


But here’s why it matters most: High CS Scores directly correlate with low conversion rates. Using CS Score, you can not only find and correct common site issues, but you can get immediate ROI by fixing your leaky conversion funnel… and save significant time that was previously spent on analysis. Sounds pretty good, right?

Next, let’s take a look at some early case studies that show what results CS Score can produce for customers in a couple of different industries.

CS Score Case Studies

Kwik-Fit Insurance tested CS Score to see how it helped cut down on time spent finding problems. “Typically, we use SessionCam’s heat maps to identify visitor sessions that ended unexpectedly. But sometimes we’d need to review 50 or 60 session replays to find the sessions that highlighted the reason behind these abandoned sessions,” said Ryan Keeney, eCommerce Performance Manager at Kwik-Fit Insurance.

But using CS Score, Keeney was able to get right to the heart of the problem — automatically. That means less time spent analyzing data from various tools, and more time to focus on launching fixes that improve overall customer experience.

Adnams PLC, a regional brewery, also tested CS Score on its website to see what kind of results it would produce. Here’s what they had to say about it:

“We took part in the beta trial of the CS score and, straight away, were able to identify pages where we were not delivering the right customer experience. CS Score really helped us prioritise our resources on the most important pages and quickly make changes to rectify problem,” said Liz Cobbold, Director of Digital & Customer Experience.

Although these two customers work within very different industries and contexts, the solution provided equally beneficial results–and helped them significantly speed up their processes and prioritize fixes.

Start Saving Time and Converting More Customers
This powerful automated resource is extremely useful in a world where time equals money. Start saving time by leveraging the power of machine-learning science to speed up the analysis process related to conversion rate optimization. Start a free trial of SessionCam today, and discover your CS Score. There’s always room for improvement.

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