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SessionCam and Optimizely Partner to Help Brands Deliver Better Online Experiences

SessionCam And Optimizely Partner To Help Brands Deliver Better Online Experiences

SessionCam and Optimizely Partner to Help Brands Deliver Better Online Experiences

Technical integration of SessionCam’s advanced session replay technology with Optimizely’s experience optimization platform provides an accurate visual representation of test results so that marketers can deliver the best customer experience at every touchpoint.

NORWICH, UK—April 23, 2015: SessionCam, provider of session replay, heat-mapping and conversion funnel technology to some of the world’s top brands, announced a new technical integration with Optimizely, the leading experience optimization platform. This new feature passes data from Optimizely to SessionCam, enabling users to filter and replay sessions based on the experiments they are currently running using Optimizely’s conversion optimization technology.

While SessionCam has always been able to record and replay sessions that have been running conversion experiments, this new integration will give users even greater insight into customer behaviour. Users will now be able to filter sessions by variant and experiment ID, and then apply those filters to heatmaps and conversion funnels. By filtering the various tests, and then watching a replay of how users interact with the website, joint SessionCam and Optimizely clients can now not only see which experiment is most effective, but also why —giving a much greater understanding of the overall customer experience.

SessionCam’s CEO, Kevin Goodings, sees the partnership between SessionCam and Optimizely as a great opportunity to provide their mutual clients with an even better experience: “We look forward to partnering with Optimizely to further enhance the service we provide to our clients. The new product integration will give our mutual clients a greater level of insight into how and why customers interact with a brand online, with the added benefit of being able to link this to their ongoing conversion optimization programme. Optimizely is also a great company to work with, and their values align with ours.”

“Optimizely is committed to providing the leading experience optimization platform so that our customers can choose from any best of breed solutions to work alongside Optimizely,” said Jessie Becker, chief marketing officer at Optimizely. “We’re excited to have SessionCam join Optimizely’s partner ecosystem to help our customers deliver better experiences online.”

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