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SessionCam Insights: Essential website conversion stats

SessionCam Insights: Essential Website Conversion Stats

SessionCam Insights: Essential website conversion stats

We’ve shared many insights from our research into website conversion on our blog over the last few months. Today, we have published a single guide that collates many of the best website conversions stats we’ve shared to provide a handy reference.

Overall Website Conversion Stats

According to the Baynard Institute, shopping cart abandonment stands at around 69%.

On average, 37.9% of customers using a desktop followed a purchase through to completion. This was followed by tablet computers, which had an average conversion rate of 35.2%. Shoppers using smartphones, however, are considerably less likely to complete their purchases. The conversion rate for mobile users is just 28%.

According to our 2018 data, in the US, the average conversion rate of a one page checkout is 46.0%. The rate for the multi-page checkout is lower at 43.2%. In the UK, single page checkouts converted at an average of 59.6% compared to 51.0% for multi-page checkouts.

Things that improve website conversion

Clean, uncluttered layout
According to our research, ecommerce sites with a clear, uncluttered layout saw funnel conversion rates around 4.3% higher than websites whose design was messy, difficult to navigate and unattractive.

Simple, one-page checkout
On average, sites that had a simple, one-page checkout had a funnel conversion rate of 46%. Ecommerce sites with multi-page checkouts saw conversion rates that were an average of 2.8% lower, with just 43.2% of customers completing their purchase.

Ability to edit a shopping cart
According to our research, the ability to edit a shopping cart quickly and easily can boost conversion rates by as much as 0.8%.

Automatic address finder
Installing an automatic address finder on your checkout page could help to boost your funnel conversion rate by as much as 12%.

Increasing font size
In fact, our research has shown that increasing the font size can boost funnel conversion rates by as much as 2% – not a bad result for something so simple.

Reduced or hidden navigation in the checkout
According to our research, companies that used reduced or hidden navigation had funnel conversion rates that were an average of 1.7 points higher than those will full navigation.

Live chat
On average, ecommerce sites with a Live Chat function have a conversion rate 1.2% higher than those without.

Things that decrease website conversion

Dedicated login page
Ecommerce sites that have a dedicated login page have an average conversion rate 1% lower than those that don’t.

Basket Review Step
At this stage, businesses that had a review step saw a drop-off rate of around 15.8%.

Promo Codes
We’ve blogged about this previously but 33% of the clients we researched in our study used a promotion code in the payment step. However, we also found that these sites suffered an average 14.7% increase in drop off rate as a result.

Lack of payment options
In fact, in a recent survey, 8% of customers identified the lack of payment options as the primary reason for abandonment.

No paypal
Sites that don’t offer PayPal have drop-off rates three times greater than those that do.

Website Payment Methods

According to Moovweb, more than eight times as many people use it than use Apple Pay, and nearly five times as many as Google Wallet. In the US, nearly 72% of the largest 100 retailers use PayPal.

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