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SessionCam is 10 years old

SessionCam Is 10 Years Old

SessionCam is 10 years old

Today, we celebrate SessionCam’s 10th birthday! We are extremely proud of the company we’ve become including all of our 88 staff, partners, suppliers and our cherished community of customers. We would like to sincerely thank everyone that’s been a part of our amazing journey to this point.

Looking Back

When we reflect, unsurprisingly, we can see our world has changed so much over the last 10 years. Back in 2009, we would spend ages educating potential customers about cloud services and SaaS products before we even started talking to them about the potential benefits of session replay and SessionCam. Now, the market has a very clear understanding of the cloud, SaaS and the kind of functionality we offer. The wider market for website analytics, conversion rate optimization, A/B testing and Voice of the Customer solutions has exploded with hundreds of different products.

SessionCam v1.0

The first version of SessionCam was built around our session replay feature. We realized a long time ago that simply providing session replay wasn’t going to be enough. No one has the time to review all the recordings we collect. Having a bunch of filters to segment the recordings doesn’t help that much either; you still need a level of expertise about what filters to configure to be able to find segments where high value recordings may exist.

A more intelligent solution

That’s why we focused on developing a layer of intelligence around our product so that we can take our customers straight to the high-value problems on their websites. So they can spend their time fixing problems rather than finding them.

Our investment in R&D is directly responsible for our innovative and marketing leading algorithms to measure customer struggle, detect website errors and identify anomalies in user behavior, website traffic and conversion levels. Our philosophy of wanting to deliver a more intelligent solution for website optimization is still central to our thinking. It’s beyond exciting to consider the future innovations we will add as we seek to further execute on this vision.

Stunning results

Late last year, we spent some time bench-marking key metrics across a range of client websites to support a presentation for our user group. One of the most impactful insights we identified was that clients using SessionCam over 3 years improve their website conversion rate by over 55%. We think that is a stunning result and, for many reasons, the best headline on our first decade’s work.

Looking forward

As we look forward to the coming months and years, we remain committed and driven to make SessionCam even better at delivering success for our customers.

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