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Happy Birthday to us – SessionCam turns 11

The month of April marks a special time for us here at SessionCam. It’s our birthday and we can’t quite believe how quickly the last year has gone by.

SessionCam is now 11 years old. To celebrate, we are having a virtual party with all our hard-working, home based employees.

Whilst the next few months will be challenging for us all, we are still looking forward to the year ahead.

We plan to hold our next round of customer meet-up events in June. These will be virtual too for the first time, with a range of presentations covering our product roadmap plans, SessionCam best practice and customer case studies. 

Throughout the coming year, we will be releasing a number of really great enhancements and improvements. These will be across all areas of our product as we continue to advance on our mission to provide the most intelligent website optimization solution in the market.

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