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SessionCam’s New Customer Struggle Score

This advanced, patent-pending technology turns visitors into buyers by identifying obstacles and streamlining their path to purchase; SessionCam Customer Struggle Score helps optimization experts by automatically identifying areas of any website that cause frustration for visitors.


NORWICH, UK— May 18, 2016: SessionCam, provider of session replay, heat-mapping and conversion-funnel technology to some of the world’s top brands, has announced a new product to help marketers enhance conversion rate optimization (CRO). SessionCam Customer Struggle Score (CS Score) applies advanced machine-learning techniques to automatically identify specific areas of a website where customers struggle. Armed with this advanced technology, analytics and CRO experts can now diagnose, fix and optimize their high-traffic ecommerce websites faster than ever before. CS Score is available immediately for all SessionCam customers.


Until now, session-replay solutions have provided excellent insight into real customer behavior by helping identify problem areas on a website. Current approaches are time-consuming, requiring skilled analysts to watch hundreds of visitor sessions to identify what, exactly, is obstructing a customer’s interaction with the website. SessionCam CS Score works in the background, analyzing thousands of customer sessions every day to identify and highlight behavior that indicates problems with a website’s usability.


The patent-pending CS Score algorithm applies machine-learning science, so it becomes increasingly efficient at identifying which sessions an analyst should review — saving hours of time to deliver vastly improved efficiency.


Liz Cobbold, Director of Digital & Customer Experience at Adnams plc, is one of several website optimization experts who have used this new technology. “Adnams took part in the beta trial of the CS score and, straight away, we were able to identify pages where we were not delivering the right customer experience. CS Score really helped us prioritise our resources on the most important pages and quickly make changes to rectify problems.”


Kwik-Fit Insurance is another SessionCam client that has put CS Score through its paces. “Typically, we use SessionCam’s heat maps to identify visitor sessions that ended unexpectedly. But sometimes we’d need to review 50 or 60 session replays to find the sessions that highlighted the reason behind these abandoned sessions. CS Score takes us right to the heart of the problem — automatically. Now, the sessions we are reviewing are the ones that are really critical,” said Ryan Keeney, eCommerce Performance Manager at Kwik-Fit Insurance.


“We’re also seeing CS Score highlight sessions during which a customer scrolled up and down a page before proceeding, which has caused us to examine where and why we present information during the sales process. We’ll be increasing our use of SessionCam to improve customers’ experience on the KwikFit website,” he added.


Improving customer experience online is of paramount importance for all brands — Customer Struggle Score can help 


CS Score offers these key benefits to etailers and publishers, and delivers a measurable return on investment:

  • Makes it easier for non-expert analysts to find important insights
  • Delivers immediate ROI by identifying key website conversion issues faster and with less effort than other approaches
  • Finds issues that analysts may previously have missed, ensuring potential conversion issues are uncovered
  • Track changes over time to understand the impact of any improvements
  • Fully automated algorithm, works across all devices with no additional set-up requirements.


“With CS score, we have established a measure for the level of struggle within a customer’s journey through a website,” said Kevin Goodings, CEO of SessionCam. “Using Customer Struggle Score, CRO specialists can quickly zero in and fix the root causes of customer struggles on any website, and avoid slogging through hundreds of session replays looking for clues. It’s a huge time-saver and helps analysts focus their time on the sessions that provide the most value.”


SessionCam provides customer experience analytics software to some of the world’s top brands. Our advanced session replay, heat-mapping and conversion funnel technology enables our clients to optimise their online user experience and significantly increase conversion rates. Founded in 2009 and based in the United Kingdom, SessionCam is leading a new generation of customer experience analytics tools that show real customer behaviour at key moments of truth. Learn more at, and follow us on Twitter @sessioncam.

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